5 Popular Modern Wall Art Decors for Your Home

Designing your home with a modern interior concept requires decorating with modern wall art as well. Whether you’re undertaking a renovation project or sprucing up your new home, there are many wall art ideas that go with the modern design style.

The modern design concept is based on the foundation of visual simplicity. It involves clean lines, neutral color palettes, and materials such as glass, steel, and metal in various aspects of interior design. The use of natural materials like wood and in combination with other elements is also part of modern interior styling. Hence, when decorating, simple wall décor and arts with natural elements are a staple.


Geo mirrors are a popular modern wall decor owing to their conformity to the modern interior theme. The use of glass as a primary material, the geometric patterns, and its simplicity create flawless aesthetics that fit right into the modern theme. You can hang a geo mirror in basically every area of your home too.



Another popular decor to include in a modern interior concept is patterned wall art. There is a wide range of choices of wallpapers, stickers, and wall decals that feature lines and geometric patterns. The modern theme is defined by a neutral or earthy palette. Alternatively, you can use solid neutral colors to adorn the walls of your modern home.


Modern interior design is hinged on sophistication to present visual interest. An easy way to implement this is through abstract wall posters. More cost-effective than wall art painting, abstract posters give you flexibility in terms of design, framing, and styling. This Safety of Form canvas wall art provides a luxurious visual appeal with its clean lines in natural colors. 

Design tip: To achieve a sophisticated modern wall décor, take wall posters to a new level with a beautiful frame. Think metal or steel frame that works well with the modern interior style. Untreated or unfinished wood also works great as a frame.

Much of a wall décor’s aesthetics can be attributed to how it is styled on the wall. Instead of the usual focal point arrangement, set up a panel of abstract posters. Think outside the box! Steer clear of hanging arrangements that look cluttered though as this defeats the modern concept.


Wall shelves are simple, yet elegant. It brings an element of luxury and neat aesthetics that appeal to the modern interior style. Floating shelves can be placed everywhere, be it in the family room, the kitchen, the bedroom, or even the bathroom. Metal or wood floating shelves best fit with the modern concept. You can put in some ornaments on the shelves, but keep it to a bare minimum and simple.



Unlike other design styles that place emphasis on aesthetics, modern interior design is all about function before form. The floating shelves mentioned above are just a few examples of functional modern wall décor. But there are some more options – large mirrors, light scones, wall racks, wooden ledges, etc.

As you begin to decorate the walls of your modern home, look at the larger picture, and curate decors that help create a fuss-free, sleek interior that is also comfortable and cozy. Just remember to keep everything simple with warm earthen colors and open space.


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