How to Decorate Your Home with Modern Farmhouse Decor

Modern? Farmhouse? These two design concepts might seem like complete opposites, but a modern farmhouse home interior design is a popular trend these days.

Why is it popular?

One is old, and the other is new, but combined together, this interior styling creates a modern and inviting space – farmhouse home design. The key to creating a farmhouse-style home: neutral colors, clean lines, contemporary farmhouse wall décor, and rustic details.

A comfortable space without the clutter. That is how a modern farmhouse styling is characterized. It exudes a timeless aesthetic that is meshed with practical styling.  A welcoming vibe that eases you into a homey feeling.

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Modern Farmhouse Decor Trademarks

Of course, farmhouse decoration trademarks with a modern spin should be used for that timeless, yet heartwarming lifestyle. For example, rustic-looking wood, exposed beams, and natural decors are some ideas for modern farmhouse decor styling. Think woven baskets, natural wood accents, distressed wood finishes, etc.

When it comes to colors for this interior style, white, grey, and other neutrals are the frontrunners.  White is especially common in a modern farmhouse setup as it gives a cohesive and clean look while giving off that spacious feel.

Dynamic colors like red, blue, or green are also used to accentuate and highlight certain elements of a modern farmhouse space.

Staples of Modern Farmhouse Homes

Sliding barn doors are a mainstay in a modern farmhouse. It has that old farmhouse charm and the practicality and convenience of a modern home. As black and white modern farmhouse decor is also in keeping with the styling, you can either paint the sliding door black or white. Alternatively, iron, chrome, or brass is a perfect metallic texture to accent a barn door. 

Exposed bricks are versatile stonework that goes well with a number of interior styling including a modern farmhouse with its urbane sophistication and appeal. To create balance, paint it white, which is the smartest option, or any neutral color.

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Shiplap is a common farmhouse styling that recreates the old vibe. Much like the exposed bricks, these rough-hewn wood slats add a delightful vibe to your interior. Shiplap is versatile as it is not only limited to walls but it can be used in furniture and even as frames for wall art prints. 

If you’re not inclined to use shiplap or exposed bricks on your walls, a fresh coat of paint works just as well. White is the safest option since it gives you more flexibility in choosing what modern farmhouse wall decor pieces can go with it.

Farmhouse dinner tables have been significant centerpieces in most farmhouses. These tables are the go-to gathering place where family and friends eat, talk, and bond over food. It is made of wood, and usually has that worn-out look from scuffs, spills, and signs of usage. If you’re using this in your dining area, remember these pointers.

Vintage stuff is the perfect decor to embrace the modern farmhouse flair. Galvanized buckets, chalkboards, rustic framed wall art pieces, vintage metal signs, iron lanterns and sconces, and jute rugs are essentials for a modern farmhouse home.

If you’re thinking about black and white modern farmhouse decor to hang, a simple artwork will do. Use abstract canvas prints if you’re leaning toward a modern aesthetic or use a vintage-themed artwork in a metallic or wood frame for a farmhouse ambiance.

Another central theme of farmhouse styling is quilt. Pick bold-hued quilts instead of the old-school floral patterns. Be innovative and experiment with how to decorate with it.

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TIP: Antique boutiques and bazaars are a treasure trove of farmhouse decors. Buy vintage home decor items; and with a little creativity, easily repurpose it. For example, turn a vintage treasure chest into a center table. Imagine the possibilities you can reclaim with vintage items.

Modern Farmhouse Decors in Rooms


Go for practicality in the kitchen with an apron front sink, stainless steel appliances, and metal accents. Combine this with a farmhouse table, mismatched chairs, and rustic light fixtures. The kitchen should also be spacious and airy with lots of natural sunlight.

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A modern farmhouse living area centers on being cozy with large furniture pieces that scream comfort. The decoration should be clutter-free yet still with an appealing personality. Adding plants is a good idea, as is a few decor pieces that draw visual interest. For example, a large mirror, vintage artwork, or native wall decor.


A modern farmhouse-style bedroom should have that comfortable atmosphere, so keep linens and curtains in neutral shades. Then incorporate home decor items like cushions, pillows, and quilts for that farmhouse accent. Use a wood bed frame and dresser to complete the look.

There are tons of ideas to create a modern farmhouse home, this go-to guide gives you a glimpse of everything you need to know about this particular styling and the nuances that come with it. Remember, to achieve a modern farmhouse styling think contemporary yet comfy always!


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