7 Amazing Small Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

Not all bathrooms are created equal. Not all homes have a spacious bathroom. This leaves a little bit of a challenge when it comes to decorating. This is where wall decors come in. Bathroom wall décors are ideal because it improves the visual appeal of your small bathroom without taking up too much space. With a few innovative tips, wall decors can even make a cramped bathroom look bigger and more spacious.

Are you ready to turn your small bathroom into a beautiful and relaxing haven? Give it a whole new look with these amazing bathroom wall art ideas:


When it comes to small spaces, smart organizing while creating an easy-on-eye aesthetics is the key! Put up hanging shelves and make cubbies on walls to maximize space. Put up shelves on wall corners, above the toilet, or over the sink. You can even put some shelves higher up on the wall of the bathroom as it presents an illusion of a lot of space. Built-in cubbies are another way to achieve practical aesthetics in your bathroom wall art decor.

When your hanging shelves and cubbies are up, mix and match bathroom essentials and decorations. Be creative and think outside the box. You can put towels, wooden signs, scented candles and essential oils, toilet papers, and even your favorite blooms.


Another one of the best bathroom wall art ideas when talking about practicality is DIY organizers. There are numerous inspirations for DIY projects like this, and it’s very doable. For example, use magnets as holders by tucking it on the bathroom wall. Alternatively, mounting mason jars on a piece of wood or metal to store makeup brushes, cotton buds, etc is a great idea.


Decorative hooks are low profile design hacks as it serves multiple purposes. It is available in a variety of designs that fit well with your bathroom’s overall aesthetics. A white solid bathroom wall will look good with brass or wooden peg hooks. It can also fit into any design theme as hooks are versatile decorations.


What does your bathroom represent for you? Canvas wall art and posters can recreate the atmosphere you want to convey in your bathroom. A morning that starts and an evening that ends with relaxing photos of nature, the beach, and the mountains can evoke a calming feeling. For instance, this Sea of Clouds is a breathtaking sight to see. Pick out wall art that complements the entire decor theme of the bathroom.

If you followed through with the hanging shelves, you can place wall posters on it as well. A metallic frame or that with a clean finish maintains the large room illusion.

The beauty of posters and prints for bathroom wall decor is that its design options are infinite. For instance, make use of the space above your toilet by hanging a few posters with a unified theme. You can create a gallery of canvas wall art using different posters or prints. Be sure to pick out small-sized posters that do not take up too much space as the goal is to make a small bathroom look airy and large.


Who says you can’t have wallpapers in the bathroom? A vinyl wallpaper is a surefire waterproof art for the bathroom. This type of wallpaper features a coating that repels moisture, so it doesn’t get perforated. A wallpaper, if chosen correctly, is also an essential design concept to make a room look bigger. The key is picking out colors and patterns that make the entire bathroom space look more airy and open. Lighter colors and soft tones work wonder to create an illusion of space – green, lavender, blue, off-white, cream.


Visual interest aside, a giant mirror is one amazing bathroom wall art because it reflects light and makes the room appear more airy and large. The trick here is to find a crucial spot where you can place the large mirror. If this bathroom wall decor is placed strategically, it gives off an impression of depth, thus a larger space.


Plantlife in the bathroom gives off an open atmosphere not to mention fresh air too. Free up some much-needed space on the floors or countertops by hanging planters instead. Choose small plants – succulents and cactus – that do not take much space. Whether you’re buying or making the hanging planters yourself, be creative!

When planning the design, pick out decorations that complement each other. Shop bathroom wall art decors that match with your goal – beautiful bathroom wall decor that makes the bathroom look more spacious.

Everything matters in a small space! Never leave your bathroom walls naked. Take up these amazing bathroom wall décor ideas in your own bathroom and turn your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary!



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