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Welcome to ArtFrills

At Art Frills, we believe that art is universal and meant to be enjoyed by everyone, not only for the chosen few who can afford it. For this reason, we bring together the widest selection of wall decor pieces, from canvas wall art, contemporary wall decors, art prints, and unique home and office art collectables under a one-stop shop at an affordable price to give you great value always!

Why Wall Arts?

“Art speaks where words are unable to explain.”

And there is no better way to do it than with wall art. In interior design, wall arts bring a room together, creating a space to showcase your personal touch and completing the overall look of a room.

Wall art pieces are versatile, so there are no limits to decorating with it. Whether the room is spacious or has limited space, there is a wall décor that will perfectly complement it. A fan of modern wall art, traditional maybe, or abstract art pieces? You can definitely design a wall according to your art preference!

Whether you need modern posters and prints to spruce up a bare wall or you want to make it the focal point of the entire room, Art Frills has the living room art, bedroom art, and kitchen art pieces just for you!

Designing with wall posters or art need not be expensive either! With our wide selection of wall painting pieces, you can efficiently work on your interior design budget without sacrificing good value for money.

There are endless options when it comes to wall painting pieces, the only limit is your imagination! So if you haven’t thought about art pieces to decorate a room, why not start with your very first piece now?

How to Choose the Proper Art for Your Walls

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

While not all of us are artists or curators or those with an eye for art, this does not mean that we can’t find the perfect wall decoration for our room. In fact, there are simple rules you can follow to make the task easier and much more enjoyable.

A vital rule in choosing the proper wall décor is to trust your intuition. Have you ever looked at an art piece and then your heart does a somersault. If it does, go for it! Most often, if an art piece speaks to you, it appeals to your personal taste.

If the rule above doesn’t work for you, then a methodological approach is reliable. Get a feel of the room’s overall interior design – theme, colour scheme, style. If the wall art is the focal point of attraction, make sure that it does not blend in with the colour scheme, but rather it should stand out. You can go for a large wall art or create a collage of smaller pieces.

The real step to choosing the proper wall art for your walls is to really buy that first piece! With the help of Art Frills and its widest selection of wall painting and decors, you can get started today.

Why ArtFrills?

At Art Frills, we open new doors to an enjoyable and satisfying experience of poster and wall art decoration at an affordable price!

We believe in satisfying our costumers’ personal preference, so we dedicate time and effort in curating a diverse range of art pieces from various sources. Art Frills promises to continuously update our shop’s portfolio of the latest trends in poster and art decors to better cater to your styling palette.

Art Frills guarantees that all our wall décor and art selections meet industry standards made with the highest paper and ink quality that are carefully crafted right down to the smallest detail.

In our commitment to bring art to everyone, we can ship worldwide, almost to all countries in the globe. Please give us at least 7 days to ship the order to you.

Here at Art Frills, we’re always on the lookout for our customers’ enjoyment and satisfaction when buying wall poster and art pieces. Your feedback will always be taken into consideration as we serve you in the future!

Whether you’re looking for modern wall prints for a living room renovation, a canvas wall art to complete a relaxed vibe in the bedroom, or a unique wall décor for your kitchen, Art Frills guarantees that we’ve always got you covered!