How to Hang Wall Art Guide: Easy Decorating Tips

When redecorating a living space, we tend look for a wall art design that we like or something that matches our style. You can also go for a piece of art that would complement the theme of a particular room or an artwork that can serve as an accent piece. It should be something that would make you happy every time you see it. Now, the next challenge is how to hang wall art on your wall space. Installing these art pieces is the perfect time for you to put your creative perspective into action, and all you need is a little imagination. Compiled in this article are useful tips on how to hang wall art and finally get that aesthetic you want to achieve.



Imagine walking into a living room and an interesting piece of artwork catches your interest. It wouldn’t be nice to have that wall art hung too high or too low, right? It is best to display them at eye level so that you can easily admire the details of the art if you want to take a closer look at it.

The most ideal way to hang a piece of art is 57 inches from the middle of the art to the floor. As the average viewing height for artwork, this is also the standard that museums and galleries use. To do this, measure the distance of your art from the top edge to the bottom. Divide the answer into two and add 57. Mark that number up into the wall and that becomes the spot where you hammer a nail.





The empty space right above a piece of furniture is one of the best places to hang artwork. If you plan to hang art above the sofa of your living room, opt for a piece that is two-thirds the size of the furniture. Take the bottom of the wall art and allot 6-8 inches of space from the edge of the furniture. This is an amazing location to hang pictures and create a gallery wall or a large piece of artwork that would serve as a focal point in the room. Amazing wall art is sometimes the piece that makes the room all put together. 




This is an opportunity for you to tell a story through wall art. A gallery wall may consist of posters, pictures, canvas arts, paintings, or any art of a different medium. Maybe you have gathered frames of different styles or framed pictures of your family that gives you a wonderful rush of nostalgia every time you look at it. Providing that you have the wall space, hanging them in gallery style would be a spectacular show for your timeless art collection.



Another amazing idea is to arrange wall posters in the style of a grid. This is a spectacular way of telling a story by way of images. A group of artistic pictures that you took from your travels or striking art posters that carry the same energy or theme will create an interesting spot in your home that could bring you joy every time you see it. How to hang them? Treat all the images as one unit and put 2-3 inches of space between the frames.


A tip before creating a gallery of wall art

Before nailing unnecessary holes into your wall, it would be best to arrange the artwork on the floor first before hanging them so that you will see how it would actually look like. This method will make it easier for you to adjust and reorganize things.


How about mixing design and functionality? One fun way is to use a pegboard. If your wall art is not that big and let’s say you want to have some inspiration while you’re at your desk working, hang your wall art on a pegboard while it doubles up as an organizer for your other stuff.


There would be some instances wherein hanging pictures or artwork is not an option. For example, it is not allowed to drill screws or hammer nails on the walls of your apartment or perhaps you just want a modern approach to your interior design?

You can place your wall art on the floor and let it lean against the wall.



Place it on a bookshelf or put it conveniently on a sideboard.



Albeit strategically hanging your wall posters on the wall is important, it is also essential to consider where you will display them. Choose a location in your house with a good climate, not a place where it’s too hot or humid, like the bathroom or some places in the kitchen. Find a spot where there isn’t too much sun exposure.

So, there you have it! Once you’ve done some of these steps, you can then take a few steps back to admire your work. Hanging wall art is like putting the last piece of the puzzle that makes the whole picture complete. Our gallery has an extensive collection of beautiful and luxury wall arts that would surely captivate you and complete your home’s aesthetic. Now, it’s time to give that eye-catching transformation!


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