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At Artfrill, we don’t just offer thousands of canvas art online, but we help you pick the right one for your home or in any space. Our canvas art prints come in a variety of styles and themes to suit our clientele’s personal preference.
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Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment – Mary Ann F. Kohl
Timeless. Beautiful. Limitless. Versatile.

Canvas art elevates the aesthetics of a space. Artwork canvas pieces are a different kind of impressive décor. Just like canvas paintings, it evokes a timeless quality, encompassing trends and current styling. Art on canvas also creates a painting-like quality with colours more vivid and defined. Prints on canvas art have that age-old gorgeous beauty similar to museum paintings.

Canvas wall art prints have various designs and themes from great period artists, classic artworks, abstract art, landscapes, to modern and contemporary art canvas printing. While there are readily available canvas artworks, you can go with bespoke art prints on canvas as well.

The beauty about canvas print art pieces is it is suited for all types of spaces regardless of styling. Using canvas art in your home means your options are truly limitless.


Here at Artfrill, we only provide first rate canvas art to our discerning clientele and that’s a promise! When you buy canvas art at Artfrill, you get canvas art prints that are produced using the best materials only.

Our poly-cotton canvas is sourced from Fredrix, a premier US manufacturer of canvas materials that has been in the industry for more than a century. For the art prints on canvas, an Epson printer using the UltraChrome ink series is used to maintain premium, eye-popping aesthetics.

The canvas material has a 20.5 mil thickness, guaranteed durable and tear-resistant. Each of Artfrill’s canvas art print has an archival quality of 100 years. It does not fade easily or become discolored over time because it is acid-free, OBA-free, and ph-neutral.

Our canvas art prints come in a gallery-fold style, manually stretched and glued on solid wood bars to maintain its perfect quality. Upon shipping, Artfrill packs the canvas print art carefully in a secure foam pouch, layered with bubble wrap, and then lined with another layer of foam before placing it in a box.

We stand by the excellent quality of our canvas art products – from the raw materials used to packaging and shipping, we maintain the highest standard. At Artfrill, you’ll have an exquisite museum-quality artwork always!


Wall art comes in many forms. Of the most popular are wall posters and canvas art prints. When decorating your space, you must learn the difference between the two.

A wall poster is an image produced from a printer onto high-quality paper. Meanwhile, canvas art is an image produced onto a piece of canvas fabric. There is a significant difference between these two – appearance, aesthetics, and quality wise.

Canvas print art pieces use canvas, a more durable and strong material more resistant to damage. Aesthetics wise, its colours are richer and bolder; hence, it has that oil painting appeal. There are many interior design styles that go perfectly with canvas art.

Of course, wall posters also have its own fair share of strong points as a decorative piece. Whether you’ll choose wall posters or art prints canvas, it all depends on personal preference and interior design needs.


Every artist was first an amateur – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is no ‘right’ way to make art. The only wrong is in not trying, not doing. – Lisa Golightly

You may not be Da Vinci or Picasso, but with canvas art, your creativity is your only limit. Using canvas art prints to decorate a space will transform the walls, providing texture and a pop of colour that contribute to a luxurious visual aesthetic.

The easiest way to decorate is to find artwork canvas pieces that you love! With so many canvas print art selections, there will surely be pieces that capture your heart. Alternatively, you can decorate with canvas art prints by style or theme. Consider the size of the space, the colour palette, and how you want to put up your art canvas printing in relation to the entire space.


Artfrill is a one-stop luxury wall art online shop that caters to a discerning clientele. We have an immense collection of luxurious wall posters and canvas prints for sale ideal for all your decorating requirements.

If you’re wondering where to buy canvas art, let us help you find gorgeous pieces that speak of your personality and styling. As canvas artwork enthusiasts ourselves, we guarantee that all our canvas art are printed on superior museum-quality canvas material. Our canvas prints use a fade-resistant and UV-resistant ink to preserve the vibrant colours of the artwork for a long time.

We cater to orders of canvas paintings in the UK, the US, and the rest of the globe. Orders are normally shipped within 7 days to you, but due to unforeseen circumstances brought about by the current Covid-19 pandemic, it may take longer for orders to arrive at your doorstep. Rest assured our customer care specialists are always on top of things to keep you posted. And that is an Artfrill guarantee!

At Artfrill, we go the extra mile for our clientele because we value your trust. If you’re looking for luxurious canvas art pieces for your home, office, or any space, we’ll be glad to assist you!