Why You Need Office Art and a How-To Guide to Choose It

Gone are the days when offices and business establishments are a monotony of desks, doors, and cubicles. Companies are now gearing towards providing a more comfortable and homey workplace especially when the prospect of remote work or work-from-home setups are very tempting. Employees are also given more freedom on how to decorate their own workspaces.

Artwork for offices is increasingly becoming the norm, especially in the new work landscape. Office art pieces do not only foster employee productivity and creativity but also represent company brand and culture. The right office art work sends the right message to guests.

Why Is Office Art Needed?

Numerous studies have shown that decorating with office art work pieces brings many positive effects in the workplace, for the business itself, for the employees, and the clientele.  

Business Aspect

The best artwork for office is one that communicates the brand and core values of your business. It provides a glimpse of these through a nonverbal way. The clientele and guests can perceive the business environment, and how it operates through the visual appeal that the artworks convey. 

Utilize artwork as a way to tell the story behind your brand – its history, development, vision and mission, and goals. You can even customize artwork for offices to best tell your business’ narrative.

Whether a business values innovation and creativity or is built on the foundation of multicultural practices or projects high-end business operations, there is a great deal of office artwork themes that can express this effectively.

Employee Benefits

Employees are the driving force of a business. And their welfare is a top priority too. The place of work can easily become a source of stress and anxiety. Prolonged working hours is exhausting and also drains mental energy.

Office art benefits your employees the most, and numerous studies have proven this fact. Office art work is very favorable as it helps minimize stress, improve mental energy, reduce levels of anger, foster creativity and promote general well-being.

best artwork for office
Office art work benefits employees the most with studies showing increased productivity and better disposition

Aside from this, giving your employee the freedom to decorate their own workspace with their preferred artwork gives them a sense of control and inclusivity. This does not only foster positivity but a sense of belongingness too. In turn, employees become more productive by as much as 30%. This is from a study conducted by Exeter University.

Happier and more productive employees result in a workforce that is more creative and productive! 

Clientele and Guests

First impressions always last! When you choose cool wall art for office, it does not only leave a positive initial impression but is guaranteed to make great conversation starters with clients too! It helps diffuse the awkwardness at the initial meeting. Artworks also help you connect with clients and guests.

Choosing the right office picture ideas helps set the tone with your clients as well. 

How to Choose the Right Office Art

Office art that best represents your brand is a good starting point. You can also focus on specific office artwork themes that correlate with your business culture and core values.

For specifics, nature scenes are a good choice as it has been deemed to provide an overall relaxing ambiance. Take for example, pictures of the sea, greenery, landscapes, and floral artworks.

artwork for offices
Office art that depicts scenes of nature is a good choice, especially in common areas

Office art work with different patterns and repetitive forms creates a calming vibe. Modern artwork for offices, which are not overly simplistic or complex, works to stimulate creativity and imagination.

For common spaces like meeting rooms, recreational areas, and pantries, opt for cool office art pieces. Abstract art or graphic arts that feature a vibrant and bright vibe goes well in these areas. Art that particularly agrees with most employees is a good choice.

Beyond the type of art showcased in the office art work, you should also take into account the following: color, size, texture, scale, and placement. These factors also influence how to choose the best artwork for office spaces.

For example, bold and bright-colored office art should be placed in a proper area in your office. The sizes of the artwork also matter and even how it is hung in a particular wall area should all be taken into account.

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee wanting to decorate your own little office nook, remember there is a fine line that office art must tread. Pick the best office art but veer from controversial subjects that might stir issues in the workplace.  

With the large number of office art pieces that you can choose from, think of these artworks as more than just visual aesthetics but focus on how it can best benefit your business too. You’d be surprised at what difference a few key pieces can make!


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