Tips on How to Pull Off Red Wall Art Decor in Your Home

Red is the color of love. It is the color of passion, of courage, of anger too. You can decorate your home’s interior with red wall art to create a versatile space that invokes a variety of emotions. Incorporating a red wall art for the living room creates a synergistic harmony. Red wall art for the bedroom invokes a sensual vibe, while red invites a happy warm place in the kitchen.

Truth is, red matches well with almost any color and design theme. But there’s a catch. It’s also tricky to decorate with this color. And worst, it can be downright tacky if done poorly. To make sure that you achieve that red wall art décor ideas you’ve been thinking about, here are some practical tips on how to pull it off.

Consider the entire color scheme and theme of your space

Know how and where the red wall art décor fits in based on your home’s design theme. While red goes well with almost anything, it’s good to coordinate colors to not drown out the entire space.  

For example, a statement modern red wall art piece is perfect for a modern interior design. This is because a modern theme exudes sophisticated and clean aesthetics. Hanging pictures with red can create visual interest while keeping to the theme’s design core.

A contemporary theme relies heavily on a black and white combination along with some neutral palette. Use pops of red to accentuate different areas of your room. Wall art with red accents works well in this case. Light sconces, rugs, and wall signs with splashes of red work too. Meanwhile, in vintage interior spaces, the red should be more toned down preferably those with brownish hues like mahogany, merlot, or garnet.

Find the right shade of red to decorate

Red comes in different shades and hues. The shade of your red wall art décor matters! It’s crucial to match which shade goes well with the entire home’s aesthetics.

If you’re looking to decorate with bold red colors such as rose red, candy red, crimson, or scarlet, be sure that your space can accommodate it. The room should be big enough with a high ceiling, large windows, or clean walls so that the overall effect of the red’s boldness is modulated.

Aside from gallery walls with red accents, wall sconces are a great idea for red wall art for the bedroom that is dual purpose.

At the very least, the shades of red you’re going to use should match a specific room’s color palette, furniture and fixture, and other décor pieces. Try to create a harmonious flow of colors for that visually satisfying aesthetics to your rooms.

Decide whether you will use the color red as an accent or a centerpiece     

When red is used as an accent, you can easily define and highlight several spaces in, for example, your living room. Canvas prints or pictures with red accents are a subtle way to use the color in your living room. Decorative wall clocks or plaques are a refreshing addition to make your kitchen a cozy space.

Aside from red canvas wall art pieces, décor items such as throw pillows, lighting fixtures, rugs, and ceramics are also great accent pieces.

When red is used as a centerpiece, always keep in mind to decorate without going overboard. A single large red wall art in a space works wonders to create attention and intrigue. You can achieve a similar effect with red wall panels as well. In the case of using red as a focal point, remember that less is always more.

red wall art decor


This large red wall art with an abstract design is a head-turning centerpiece.

 When you’ve considered the pointers above, it’s time to put everything in action. Pick out the red wall art décor pieces you want to include and do a mockup plan to get a feel of what it will look like. This also gives you a chance to match pieces that go well together and weed out those that glaringly stands out. 

There are endless options to decorate with red wall décor pieces. This warm color truly invokes a variety of moods and heightens the senses if done right. When decorating with the color red, keep asking yourself this: when does it become too much or when is it not enough? Balance should always be the key!


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