Impressive Modern Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas

A dining room can come in different forms and sizes with unique personalities. Regardless, it’s in the dining room where the family gathers for a meal every day and on special occasions. It should be a space where even if it is not used often, the time you do spend in it should be enjoyable and conducive for feasts. One of the many popular styling of dining rooms is the modern theme. A modern dining room features elements of clean look, natural lighting, more lines than curves, lots of leather, metal, and wood, integration of reflective surfaces like glass and steel, and subdued color palette. To sum it up, the modern style simplifies everything. However this may be, simple does not mean plain. Putting up dining room wall décor pieces that flawlessly complement the modern theme is an enjoyable experience if you take these impressive ideas into inspiration:


modern kitchen interior

Large mirrors are a great modern dining room addition because it does not only adorn the walls, creating an aesthetically pleasing sight, but it also provides natural lighting for the entire room. To boot, decorative mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and even framing materials, you won’t have a hard time realizing the aesthetics you like. A large mirror with wood border or a metallic sheen border is a great option in keeping with the modern theme.


Wallpapers, especially patterned ones, are nice wall décor. However, in a dining room, covering the entire wall space with wallpaper can get quite overwhelming. Instead, a wallpapered wall should be done. This means you can put up a wallpaper on one portion of space as a décor, and let this set off other elements in the dining room. A wallpaper with lots of lines or that with a subdued hue is perfect.


wood wall

While wood is commonly used for floors and ceilings, a new décor wall art idea that is becoming popular is the aesthetic use of reclaimed wood. This wall décor idea gives truth to beauty in recycling. Reclaimed wood is an elegant addition that gives a natural texture to your dining room wall. To ensure that you achieve the right aesthetics, carefully select the right wood stain that goes well with a modern theme. Another bonus in using reclaimed wood is that it is very economical.



Gallery walls have already made its way into dining rooms as well. For a modern design theme, a white wall would perfectly set the base. Then pick the new décor wall art pieces to include in the gallery. A dynamic combination of wall art in different sizes and shapes will give your gallery wall character. For example, this beautiful kitchen sieve poster bordered with black frame would fit perfectly into your gallery. Use frames that contrast with the base – think metal, wood, or even black frames. A useful tip in creating a gallery wall is to choose artworks that you like to look at or are meaningful to you.


  • A pretty traditional wall décor, a large scale wall art fits flawlessly in any dining room theme. A large wall art becomes the focal point of the entire wall, so a careful selection of the artwork is a must. With a wide range of wall art posters available as a centerpiece, choose one that is not only visually pleasing in general, but one that personally appeals to your preference. For this wall décor idea, the base can be a solid darker color.

Tip: While it can be pretty tricky to put together a modern dining room, always start with getting the right dining table.

From there, everything becomes easier! Add to that the impressive modern dining room wall décor ideas above, and it should be an enjoyable time creating a beautiful dining room fit for a king!



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