Wall Decoration Ideas for Living Room

A blank wall space is like a piece of canvas with endless possibilities. One that is only limited by the imagination. If your living room wall space is bare, it’s time to decorate it. Before you curate art pieces, take some inspiration from these ideas: 


Wall decors do not necessarily have to be expensive. A little time and some creativity can go a long way in making your living room beautiful and comfy. Give living room wall spaces a little more love with DIY wall decors. You can involve the entire family too. A framed beautiful spot of your recent vacation, handmade paints of your kids, old map prints, abstract paintings, memorable family milestones, washi tape art, photo mood board, framed dry parts of a plant – there are so many DIY possibilities you can create. And this makes it even more personalized!


Another amazing way to fill that empty wall space in the living room is using mirrors. Although there are bespoke decorative mirrors, there are other varieties that add elegance and glamour into the living room. From minimalist cuts to more elaborate and lavish designs, mirrors are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but it considerably brightens a room. Create a gallery wall of mirrors or mount a large one, and you’ll be sure to turn guests’ heads.


What better way to decorate a living room wall space with a statement wall art? A single statement wall art that will be the centerpiece – eye-catching, large, and unique. This magnificent mountain poster or this shaft of underground wall art make for great statement pieces! Landscape arts such as these are usually rich in color and texture. It can easily complement a number of themes and styles. A constant reminder when using statement wall art is to make certain that there is a fluid balance and harmony between the art piece and the entire living room.


A gallery wall is another brilliant decoration idea for the living room. To boot, there are many ways to organize one. The key takeaway to creating a stunning gallery wall is to pick art pieces that speak to you. It does not necessarily have to follow one single theme. It can come in a variety of artworks that make an impact to you. Arrange each artwork in perfect symmetry with the rest as similar to a grid or alternatively, you can hang a wall art centerpiece and work your way from there.


In the interior design industry, succulents have become a décor staple in homes. Owing to succulent’s very minimal need for water to survive, it is used in several innovative ways to decorate various parts of the home. One of these is a succulent wall art! A cluster of succulents in a photo frame, preferably wooden, can set off a natural and refreshing touch to your living room wall space. Mix different succulent varieties to create a beautiful greenery. A constant reminder when doing a succulent wall art is to pick the varieties that easily grow indoor. Make sure that the succulents are firmly rooted to the frame and are growing healthily before hanging in on your wall.



Keep it easy and with lots of variety with textured wallpaper wall décor. Textured wallpaper covers a lot of wall space and is very versatile to use. There are different patterns and colors to play around with. It’s the perfect choice for homeowners who want a simple, yet striking addition to their living room. For example, bold wallpaper patterns create a striking attraction that will draw attention. A subtler textured choice will enhance the aesthetics of the entire room.

Decorating your living room can be fairly tricky, what with trying to create a beautiful space at the same time staying true to your personal style. But the golden rule here is buy and decorate art pieces that really appeal to you and not because it is the current trend or it is matches the room. Draw inspiration from various wall art ideas, but make art your own, and that’s when your wall space becomes your own canvas.



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