How to Create a Photo Gallery Wall – Design Your Wall Like a Pro

When you hear the phrase “photo gallery wall” what picture comes to your mind? Is it a bunch of randomly chosen wall art that is collectively hung on a wall? A group of properly curated art pieces and photos meticulously arranged?

If you have been looking for a stylish and creative way to make your house more attractive, which does not include painting or installing a new wallpaper, a picture gallery wall is the right way to go. This gives your space a fresh look!

A gallery wall is a popular interior design trend that brings art pieces together to be displayed in a group. Through this, you can create a statement that is truly unique to your taste. You can show your personality by putting the things you love on display. You can change the artwork as often as you want, depending on the season or the mood you want to be in. If you are just about to try out how to make one, it may feel daunting from the start but it can be a satisfying project once it is all done.

In this article, Artfrill gives you easy tips on how to create a photo gallery wall.


Where do you want to put a gallery wall? The first thing to consider is to find a certain wall space in your home where you think a gallery would fit. Some common places are the hallway, living room, staircase, above the sofa, home office, a bathroom wall and above the headboard.

How about for a small space? The good news is, you don’t really need a large wall to incorporate a gallery. Look for an area around windows, doors or cabinets and use that place to hang a piece of artwork with your favorite pictures. You may also need to check if the wall is plain as it may look overwhelming if infused with different kinds of wall arts.


There are two common styles: a grid or a linear arrangement and salon style. The latter is an eclectic design that feels more relaxed and includes a variety of prints and objects that make it much more personal. Awareness in the type of decor you have in a room is important as it will give you an idea on how to create a design that is cohesive to the overall look of your space. Think about what kind of look will work best for your living room or dining room. Pinterest is a very good source of inspiration for gallery wall ideas.


An example of a gallery wall


Color is one of the key elements in design. There are no hard rules in choosing a color, but if you want to go for a more formal and curated look, going for pieces with the same color palette creates cohesiveness. One useful tip is when you want to display family pictures but you worry that the colors will clash, printing black and white versions is the best way to make them appear put together when displayed as a group. You can also consider the color of the frames you will use, as these would also affect how you view a certain artwork.


The most inspirational and beautiful gallery walls show a collection of artworks that brings out the character of the curator – you. Do not be afraid to combine different sizes and mediums of art and play with textures and materials.

You can create a unique space by hanging a mix of art that you love: family photos, paintings, posters, mirrors, canvas prints or any item that has meaning to you. This would sometimes take time because unique items need to be sourced. You can find things in flea markets, online stores and some items from friends and family. There is no right or wrong artwork to be put on display. It’s a really fun and creative way in making a statement in your space. It is easy to choose but start with what makes you happy.

If you don’t have the time for that, then there are ready made sets of wall arts that you can buy and easily hang on the wall.


A show-stopping gallery wall needs to be planned out, too. So, before you even start hammering nails into your bare walls, make sure that you have visualized how you will hang the pieces together. Do you want to display your frames in a crisp, clean and grid-like way or do you prefer it salon type where it is more relaxed and personal? This will also depend on the type of art and items you collected.


First, use a measuring tape and measure the space that you plan on filling. Use the floor and mark that amount of space using a painter’s tape. Now, place the wall art items within that outline. This will help you see how the arrangement will look like. You may need to rearrange the pieces several times to achieve the perfect gallery wall for you.

Start with the largest piece then work around it and try to keep a balanced look. A grid gallery wall arrangement requires even spaces for a more cohesive aesthetic while a salon style doesn’t have to be that precise.

Once you have it all sorted out, it’s now time to create the gallery wall! You wouldn’t like unnecessary holes into your wall, so to save time and effort, a great tip is to cut out an outline of all your items on paper and tape them on the wall. Use a spirit level to make sure they are properly aligned. Also, if you aren’t really comfortable with DIY projects, you always have the option to ask the help of a professional to do the work for you.


You may now sit back and pat your back for a job well done! Creating a gallery wall may take a lot of patience and effort but the satisfaction is priceless. What makes gallery walls really effective as a wall decor is that you can change the photos or add up to it as the time goes to keep it looking amazing. It is a perfect way to decorate wall spaces with beautiful memories, favorite pictures, motivational prints, colorful artifacts and artwork that together create a happy and beautiful home!



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