Congratulations! At this point you may already have a canvas print on hand and might be thinking about the best way to display it. Now is the time for the next important step, hanging it. Basically a lone canvas can already add a dramatic impact in a space (you can find out more about canvas prints on this article), or you can have them grouped into an amazing photo gallery wall along with other artwork.

The great thing about canvas prints is simply its versatility in blending in an interior, due to its lack of frame. It is also lighter and much easier to carry and display. So, what’s the first thing you need to do to hang canvas correctly on your wall? Read on to have an idea about easy ways on how to hang canvas prints like a pro.


Have you found the perfect place in your home as to where to hang your canvas? First, consider the shape of canvas art you have. Is it square or rectangle? Is it large or small in size? To establish harmony in your interior, check if the shape of the wall space matches the shape of the canvas. Avoid places where artwork receives direct sunlight, because too much exposure can lead to light damage, and humid areas like the bathroom. It is also important to consider the type of wall you have. This guide will help you mostly on hanging artwork on a drywall. However, brick or concrete walls may use other tools and methods.


These are the basic tools you need:

  • tape measure
  • hammer
  • spirit level
  • pencil
  • bumper frame protectors or wall protection pads
  • the mounting hardware that best fits your canvas


Clear away obstructions around you while working. If you’re planning to hang the canvas above a furniture piece, it would be best to move it first to clear up the space, so that you’ll be able to navigate freely.

Clean the wall with a damp cloth and then proceed to take the measurements. The most ideal way is to hang the canvas print on eye level, which is 57 inches for the average person. First, find out the center height of the canvas with the use of a measuring tape. Lay the canvas on a flat surface and measure from the top edge to the bottom edge. Take note of the number then divide it by 2. That is the center height of the canvas. Add 57 and the answer to that is where you are supposed to mark the wall for hanging.

With a pencil, write an X at the spot where you will be hammering the nail.


Sawtooth Hanger
  1. Place the canvas on a flat surface and make sure that it is on the right orientation. With the use of a measuring tape, find out the width of the canvas from the top stretcher bar. Look for the center point and mark it with a pencil.
  2. Position the sawtooth hanger with the serrated edges facing down to the stretcher bar, aligning the middle of the hanger to the center point mark. Carefully attach it with a screwdriver and the screws that came with it.
  3. Do note that there are different sawtooth hanger sizes available depending on the weight of your canvas. For small sizes, a single attachment will be able to hold the art. However, if you have a large canvas art or something that is in a landscape orientation that is more that 24 inches, it would be wise to use two sawtooth hangers at the back of the art to secure it.

A nail is an easy solution for hanging canvas prints but it would not provide the stability that other hanging hardware has.

  1. Mark the place on the wall where you are going to put the nail. This process is already discussed in Step 3.
  2. For a small canvas, a single nail would be enough to hold the weight of the art.
  3. Hammer the nail in a slightly upwards angle so that the art will not easily slide right off.
  4. Hang the canvas.
Eye Hooks or D Ring Hangers

You will also need a picture hanging wire for this method.

  1. Place the canvas on a flat surface and make sure that it is on the correct orientation. From the top of the canvas, take 1/3 of the height and mark it with a pencil, do it on both side of the vertical frame.
  2. Screw the eye hooks or D-ring hangers to the pencil marks you made on both sides carefully as to not damage the canvas or the wooden frame.
  3. Take the picture hanging wire and cut it with the size of the canvas width and add an extra 20 cm. The extra length is for knotting.
  4. Thread the wire and securely knot it on both eye hooks or D-rings. Make sure that the wire is loose enough that when it is lifted upwards, its center point is 2-3 inches away from the top edge of the canvas.


Finally, with the right hanging material attached, all you have to do is just carefully hang the canvas and properly align it. If you are confident enough, eyeball it to see if it is aligned. But if you want to make sure, use a spirit level tool to check if the placement is straight.

Additional Tips:

To protect your wall and keep your canvas print in place, place wall protection/bumper pads at the bottom stretcher bars at the back of the canvas. This would protect the walls from scratches and prevent them from slipping. These protectors can be bought online or in hardware stores in your area.

Also, if you are hanging canvas above a furniture, place it 6-12 inches from the top of the furniture.

So there you have it – quick and easy guides in displaying your canvas prints! With the appropriate tools and a little patience, you may now enjoy the fruits of your labor! Remember that you can always ask for a professional’s help in doing this project.

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