Our bedroom is one of the vital parts of our home. This special corner, whether it is big or small, is a place where we relax, study, meditate, work, and most importantly, sleep. Making our bedrooms comfortable is essential for our well being. And while a cozy bed or good lighting is among the top of our list to create that bedroom goal we’ve always wanted, picking the right bedroom decorations that will provide both style and functionality will make such a stunning and drastic change.

Today we focus on your bedroom’s empty wall space. We have cool ideas for different wall art prints for your blank wall. It’s like the cherry on top of your ice cream. Last but of course, not the least, a piece of decoration that will give your room a personality.


Color makes a difference

The hues that you will be choosing can set the entire mood of your bedroom. The color of the furniture, rugs, and all other things add up to the entire aesthetic that you are trying to create. One way to set a stunning vibe for your bedroom is to paint the walls a certain hue. An example is how pastel colors can create a calm and peaceful ambiance and how warm hues can bring more coziness.

Decorate your wall

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right color can create a certain mood for your home, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Putting up wall decorations is one of the most exciting parts. Imagine your bedroom wall as an empty canvas. You can make it visually pleasing by putting some awesome wall art or posters that can exhibit your personality. Do not limit your creativity on this one. What kind of mood do you want your room to evoke? It is of great pleasure that we give you some bedroom wall art ideas that would fit your personal style.

Wall art with colors that pop

There are many different bedroom wall art that you can use and each gives a different vibe. Vividly colored wall prints that show colorful and beautiful imagery can bring a sense of happiness in a room. You can draw inspiration from your bedroom’s theme and from there choose a wall print that matches it. Like a small tint of blue or something from the same palette can add cohesiveness to the overall look.

Cool waters, calm mind

It is known that cool colors have the ability to soothe and relax. Take this example of a wall art poster with a diver rising up to reach the surface. 

The classic black and white

This color combination will never go out of style. The contrast between the dark and light will always create a timeless image that will stand out with elegance on your bedroom’s blank wall.


If you are an animal lover, a better way to celebrate the beauty of their existence is through wall art prints! Posters with amazing images of wildlife displayed in your homes where you can marvel at them any time you want. 

Ignite your wanderlust

The colorful art print that you put on not only provides an artistic feel but can also give you that boost of inspiration throughout the day.  Like imagining the bright days ahead and looking forward to your next trip when you look at this amazing Havana poster. 

Spruce up the empty space above your headboard

When some beds already have beautifully crafted headboards, there are times that you just leave the space on top of it empty. So what can you do? Create a focal point by putting a large photography wall print like this adorable dog’s portrait.

These are just some of the awesome ideas that can make up to a visually pleasing bedroom. Artfrill has a great collection of unique, high quality, and beautiful posters that can match the style or mood that you are trying to achieve with your design.

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