Featured Wall Arts for January

With the past year already gone, we can say that nobody predicted for us to stay indoors longer than we expected. Many of us realized that having a fully comfortable and functionable home is essential for our well being and our productivity, since some of us have been working or studying indoors.

In one way or another, we got into thinking how we can create a space that fits our needs. With interior design trends continuously evolving and changing, there are some design elements that are out of the radar this year and some are definitely here to stay. One of the latter is wall arts.

Choosing the right poster prints for the home is one of the most exciting activities to do when you are trying to reinvent your space. This enables you to show your personality through your wall art choices. For this post, we shall be featuring our chosen posters for January. We aim inspire you in whatever design concept you are trying to achieve.


Comfort is one of the main focus for this year’s design. This print in particular has subdued colors that bring the feeling of cozy and warmth. There are times that our daily tasks can bring us unnecessary stress, we owe it to ourselves to curate a space that will make us feel rested and calm. Go for wall posters that are notable but not too much for the eyes.

Some interior designers predict that bolder colors shall be gaining popularity this year, and bright hues and patterns shall be emerging, this would be the perfect time to create that visual interest right into your living space. This featured wall art has that pop of color that evokes a sense of fun and spontaneity in a space.


Round shapes are said to be one of the emerging trends for the upcoming months, something comfortable and accepting. This design element can be used with furniture or other decor pieces. It can also work with poster prints. This poster has curved elegance that can serve as a great piece to bring in that element of color to your wall.

Plants always provide fresh vibes that is also easy to the eyes. Whether it be an image of trees, flowers or leaves, nothing beats the calming and energizing abilities that nature gives us. Botanical prints, with its varying shades of green and other nature colors, give off that feeling of a visually balanced space.

Portraits of people add a considerable amount of character in a living space. Still pictures evoke emotions and set the tone of a room. This monochrome wall art provides raw energy and confidence and fits well as a focal point in a bedroom wall.

A wall poster is one element that pulls together the theme of an entire space. You can use it to accentuate a space and make your design more cohesive. With plenty designs and colors to choose from, curating a specific style for your room that totally speaks your taste is one doable task. Start looking for inspirations now! Check out more wall art in our poster store and look for something that you resonate with!



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