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Money Over All Posters

Do you have a visual interest in anything related to money? Are you experiencing an of-the-moment fixation over money wall art?

Money makes the world go round. Though it can’t buy happiness, it can buy everything else. Here at Artfrill, we have a bespoke collection of the best money-themed posters for those with visual interests and of-the-moment fixation on money.

Artfrill’s money-themed wall arts are specially curated to fit various design themes like modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, traditional, etc. As our customers have varied preferences, we also put together pieces that cater to different decorating styles.

One of our first few money wall art pieces is the dice poster.  This limited edition poster is a simple artwork of a digitally rendered dice. What makes this dice poster stand out is the colour combination used – pops of red, white, and gold. The dark background of the artwork makes the two dice even jump out more. This dice wall poster can sit flawlessly in a mancave or a gaming room.

As with every wall art we pick out for our collection, we guarantee that all posters under the Money category are of superior quality. It comes in a range of sizes to cater to a specific wall size. Most importantly, it comes in a range of prices to fit the budget you have without shortchanging its value.

Money, money, money! It is indeed a very interesting subject today. And it makes for an even interesting subject in wall art! If you’re up for some money-themed wall posters, check out our amazing collection!