What Are The Different Types of Canvas Prints?


A canvas print’s flexibility to blend into almost any room is one of its characteristics that artists, art lovers and interior decorators like. However, if you are just new to this venture, then there are a lot you need to know. Foremost of this are the different types of canvas prints you can use to decorate a wall space. This post will help you get acquainted with these different types and get you all ready to choose the first canvas art for your collection!

Canvas prints are presented in different methods:

Gallery-wrapped Canvas Prints – The canvas is stretched all around the wooden stretcher bars and carefully stapled at the back. The picture printed onto the fabric is also stretched over the edges of the frame. This process allows the image to be continually seen at the sides of the artwork or a mirrored image where the edges are a reflection of the picture at the sides. The thickness is 1.15 inches that gives depth to the viewing experience. These prints are designed to be displayed without a frame.

Museum-wrapped Canvas Prints – These type of canvas prints have the same gallery wrapping method where the canvas is also stretched around the stretcher bars but instead of an extended image all throughout, it is limited at the center of the canvas. The sides or borders are painted with either white, black or any solid color. These can also be displayed without a frame.

The best quality canvas prints are tightly stretched and stapled securely at the back. The surface should have no bumps or ripples. The corners of the artwork should be smooth and folded properly with no extra fabric sticking out. The appearance of the printed photos depends on the type of fabric used; if it is printed on cotton, polyester or poly-cotton material. All these characteristics sum up to an amazing looking canvas print that effortlessly stands out on your wall.

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Portrait Canvas Print – This is a photo orientation where the subject is presented vertically – rectangular in shape but the height is taller than the width. A large photo canvas in this style looks great as standalone wall decor.

Landscape Canvas – This canvas print layout sits horizontally. The top and bottom edges are longer than the sides. Great for spaces above the sofa or the bed. The common designs used are photos of nature, family photos, cityscapes and beach sceneries.

Panoramic – A dramatic way of presenting canvas prints horizontally. The wide depiction of photos in these type of art prints looks impressive and is truly effective in creating a focal point in a room.

Multi Panel Split Canvas – Uses a single image to create one large canvas masterpiece. The photo used in this layout is printed into multiple panels. Modern, unique and definitely something that is worthy of attention. You can either choose between a diptych canvas, where an image is printed into two parts, or triptych, where the picture is split into three.

Square – This canvas print shape is simply square, with four equal sides that command symmetry. Create a wall gallery that features the same theme or color palette with this canvas print shape. Think about an Instagram home feed, but displayed on your home.


Nature, Seascapes, Mountains

Make an amazing feature wall with photo canvas prints of seascapes featuring the horizon. Beaches that capture the sunset or sunrise and mountains that highlight the summit or the sky above them.

Animal Canvas Prints

Wildlife is one of the very popular subjects in artwork, and it looks great in whatever medium. Images of animals ranging from birds, horses, to cows and many more are just a few of the favorite photos printed on canvas.

Pet Portrait

Maybe you have tons of pictures of your pets stored in your phone. Having it printed out and displayed on your wall create a happy ambiance. Canvas prints of pet portraits also serve as an amazing gift to people you love.

Still Life

This work of art presents inanimate objects, which are mostly common things that we see in everyday life, depicted in a way that several elements are combined to create a masterpiece that evokes emotion, ideas and imagination to the audience.

Custom Family Portraits

Your favorite memories captured in photos and printed on canvas. Aside from the traditional paper printing and having these framed and displayed, why not opt to have your photos on canvas? Check your local listing for a company that does custom prints or you can easily find tons of businesses that do this on Google.

Inspirational or Typography Designs

Canvas prints with quotes and messages are always a great addition to your home or office decor. Display canvases where you can easily see them to provide your daily dose of inspiration. Different typography styles are also one big factor to consider since this also adds to the mood and aesthetic of the room.

There you have it! Hopefully, you were able to take out some tips in figuring out what type of canvas print you will need for your design projects. Remember that the canvases that will work for you also depends on your available wall space. Several print sizes are available for canvas prints and for sure you will be able to find something that complements the entire aesthetic. Visit our store today and browse among several art print inspirations and you just might set eyes on something for your space as well!



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