Get Brighter Living Room Space With These Decorating Ideas

We spend a big fraction of our time in our living rooms. For most people, it doubles as an entertainment room, a dedicated place to chill and hang out with family and friends. We might have the staple things a living room could have, like a sofa, a TV, a coffee table, but have you ever thought of the possibility of making that space cozier and inviting? Giving your living room a redo does not mean buying expensive things and giving it a total makeover.

We know that the living room area is as equally important as having a cozy bedroom. It’s a pleasure for us to present you with practical guides to brighten up your living room and make it more inviting. Create a personal space that truly reflects your personality.


Color is one of the vital components to consider in your room’s interior. It is general knowledge that bright colors can make a room brighter and spacious. Darker hues, on the contrary, absorb light making the room visually smaller. If you have quite a small space, try putting on white paint as it is a great reflector of light. It can make your living space have that pleasant and cheerful mood. Light shades of grey and other muted hues are also one of the more popular choices.


Mirrors can give the illusion of having a visually wider space. Light bounces off it, so for optimum effect, place a mirror where it can reflect natural light. It will be a big help in illuminating your room. You can mount a mirror to an empty wall and place decorative frames around it for a more modern effect. Alternatively, use a full-length one and place it strategically where it can reflect some ambient illumination.

mirror wall art


Lighting is one of the most important elements in home decor. If your living room has abundant access to natural light, maximize its full potential to give your living room a more breezy and appealing ambiance. Clear your windows with any obstructions so that natural light will push through effortlessly. Use sheer curtains so that light will pass through easily, giving your room that warm and beautiful glow.


Placing a wall art on a bare wall can add flair to your living room interior. The wall art below brings in a dramatic splash of colors, popping blue to match the subtle grey tones of this pretty space. Wall arts can make a space look chic and put together. Artfrill has a great collection of wall art posters to cater to your decoration needs.

water splash wall art


Give your living room some love and get rid of the clutter. Floating shelves are great for your books and some decor. Baskets are also great for storage, and it does a great job of giving the living room a more natural look. A clean space almost equals a sound headspace and that is exactly what we all want when we are home. The outside world is stressful enough, and it is a gift to ourselves to come home to a clean and organized sanctuary.

You can create that wonderful and cheerful ambiance with these guides. Having a living space that is bright and reflects your personality would require a bit of trial and error. You might do a lot of furniture rearranging and finding the right pieces that would suit the style and functionality requires some effort. At the end of the day, the satisfaction of having a space that truly feels like home and a place that you truly belong to is priceless!


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