Stylish Corner Decoration Pieces for Your Home

Empty corners are a bane to decorating. It is often left alone, a sad wasted space, or at times, a pot of plant is haphazardly placed to fill out the void. A corner bookshelf is also installed from time to time. If you’re ever wondering whether there’s more that can be done for corner spaces, cheer up! Not only are there ways to decorate the corners of a room, but there are tons of stylish corner decoration pieces you can use to fill this space.


Do away with the usual boring bookshelves, and go for floating and invisible shelves. This is a stylish corner decorative piece in itself, but you can add other decorative pieces on top of it. These shelves can be added to all rooms of your home with a corner in it. From the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, home office to even the bathroom, it’s just a matter of picking the right decoration to complement that specific room’s theme. For example, floating shelves in the corner of the kitchen can be used to hold spices, bowls, plates, cups, coffee maker machines, and other trinkets.


The easiest way to decorate that corner space is through a wall art gallery. Going a bit extra than the usual wall art décor, a gallery allows you to include a number of artworks that go well with the room’s theme. A gallery can also be done in all corners of your home’s room. Creativity is key in setting up a wall art gallery. For example, this Reaching Out canvas art together with other motivational quote artworks can go into the corner space of your home office. If you’re a fan of abstract art, this hand poster will definitely fit right in with other abstract pieces in a living room corner gallery.


If there’s that corner in your kitchen or dining room area that is a sore to the eye, decorate with a plate arrangement to make it a wall of art. Choose decorative plates and line it up or arrange it from ceiling to floor to fill out that corner space. There are many ceramic plates to choose from depending on the motif, theme, or size and shape.


Using that corner space as an extra storage area will not only improve a room’s aesthetic, but it’s also an A+ on functionality. Aside from putting up a bookshelf and stowing away books in that corner, you can place a storage rack for coats and jackets in the receiving area or a makeshift clothes rack if the corner wall space is in the bedroom.



If you’re not too partial with leaning objects, then hanging objects on that far corner in the room can drastically improve its visual appeal. A hanging chair or a type of lighting fixture is a great idea to start with.


Just as leaning objects on the wall have become the rage these days, leaning objects on that corner space is also an innovative way to decorate. A leaning guitar can go well in the family room, a sculpture or an easel with an artwork like this colorful Pastel Colored City canvas art can be a head-turner in the living room, or an antique item in the bedroom can work wonders.

Put those empty corners at home to work! There are a lot of corner decoration pieces that are altogether awesome and stylish that can fit right in whatever room of your home. It’s time to utilize this space innovatively and contribute to the beauty of your home.



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