5 Small Bedroom Decor Tips to Maximize Living Space

Limited space doesn’t mean a limited chance of achieving that ideal look you are visualizing for your interior goals. Having a small bedroom, in particular, gives you an awesome chance to achieve your room’s ideal look as it is easier to work with a small space, to begin with. With a small bedroom, you can ideally be focused on the quality versus the quantity of the interior set up. Carefully picking out the right paint, furniture, and decors will create that cozy and inviting ambiance that we are all aiming for. Let Artfrill give you practical decor tips that will help brighten and maximize the space in your bedroom.


Lighting is one of the integral elements in interior design and the type of light fixture you choose makes or breaks your whole room’s aesthetic. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to see the beauty of our surroundings. Light fixtures can solve the lack of proper lighting in your room. There are several light fixtures available that would fit right with your budget, the functionality, and of course the design that you are working on. Even with a small space, having a functional and stylish bedroom is achievable with the right light fixtures. Here are some examples:

  • Wall Sconces

If you think you don’t have enough space for a bedside table and a lamp, one great option to maximize space is to install wall sconces. They provide the same functionality as that of a table lamp, do a good job in freeing up some extra space for other things and it gives a touch of class on your interior.

Pendant Lights

A pendant light is a light fixture that hangs from a ceiling by a rod or a chain which makes the light not directly fixed to your ceiling. This decorative fixture adds flair while providing that much-needed illumination. Depending on your preferences, these types of light fixtures can be used instead of sconces.

  • String Lights or Fairy Lights

String lights are the type of light fixtures that can give a modern and whimsical vibe to your living space. It adds an overall warm ambient light and a romantic mood to a small bedroom’s aesthetic.


Create some space for you to move around by utilizing the back of your door by putting up a hanging shoe rack. This will aid you in reducing the clutter by having all your shoes in one place rather than occupying your precious floor space. This frees up space making your bedroom look brighter and more organized.



No space for bookshelves? No problem. Make use of your wall and install hanging shelves. Books, wall arts, and other decorative pieces can be placed here. Combine books, wall arts, scented candles, succulents, and other knick-knacks for more variety and visual appeal.


While a pegboard gives a modern flair to your bedroom interior. It is also an awesome way to keep your living space organized. Like the smart use of the pegboard shown below as a headboard.


The nooks and corners of your room can be used as an extra storage space by installing shelves. Wall art frames, home decor pieces, or succulent plants can be placed here to add vibrancy to a small bedroom.

Having a cozy, stylish, and organized sanctuary is very attainable. For a small bedroom, creativity and a little bit of experimenting are essential to get the desired look. It is with great pleasure to share these ideas with you and we hope that it can inspire you with your interior goals.


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