Congratulations on another milestone that you have reached in your life! You have finally moved into a new or probably first apartment and I agree that this can include a plethora of emotions. This is a fresh start and I know you are pretty excited about putting together the whole look of your place to make it look and feel like a space that is truly yours.

Getting the right look for your wonderful abode is a process. Some people take months or even years to finally figure out what sits right for them. It might take a lot of trial and error to find out what reflects your style and personality. Getting the right kind of furniture that compliments the whole ambiance of your home and showcases your own design style could mean doing a lot of research and searching through online markets or different stores.

This exhilarating moment gives you full control in creating that living space you would love coming home to. Embrace the freedom that comes with it!


The living room is a special place in your abode where you relax and entertain guests. You would want to make this space very comfortable and inviting. A comfortable couch with throw pillows that pop color will add fun and interest to the interior. You can mix and match elements for a more modern feel. This example of a gorgeous living room brings the beauty of nature inside by bringing in house plants. The light fixture adds a sweet touch of elegance into the interior.

Hanging a very nice wall art can add a lot of character to a living room. What kind of art style are you after? You may opt-in for a gallery of your personally curated prints with different sizes or large wall art to provide a dramatic effect.


You definitely win at being an adult when you have all the essential things in your kitchen that are put together. Whether you cook or not, having the basic kitchenware is needed so that you can prepare food for yourself or if you have guests coming over. Pendant lights can be very decorative and functional at the same time and the plants give a touch of color and freshness to a kitchen’s interior.


Windows are essential for your apartment to get that much needed natural light and ventilation. However, if you need a sense of privacy, you may install curtains or blinds. Choose which one works for you depending on the style that you are aiming for and the functionality it brings. Sheer curtains can let a lot of light in and give proper illumination to your space, you can also use blinds for a more modern look that gives the same functionality.


As you may have already realized, walls aren’t the only place to put art. There may be times that you may want to add artwork but lack wall space in your interior. Then you may take advantage of bookshelves! Bookshelves aren’t limited to your book collection, if you think out of the box (or shelf), framed pictures and canvas art can be put on top or within the shelves. Create a unique look by layering decorative pieces in front of artwork or books. One helpful tip is to think about the composition of your design, meaning your pieces must be related to each other in terms of color, style or theme.


Putting up wall arts can do wonders to perk up an otherwise boring wall. A properly curated gallery wall with photographs of your favorite people and things or a wall print that greatly speaks to you can generally bring a lot of difference to the mood of your living space. Thankfully, there are a lot of quality wall arts that can be obtained online that can offer the feel of luxury and beauty without breaking the bank. Artfrill has an array of beautiful wall posters to level up the look of your new apartment!


The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in our living space. To most of us, it is a special sanctuary where we sleep and recharge our batteries. A bedroom that evokes serenity and a sense of calmness can bring so much positivity to our well being. Your mind and body would thank you for getting quality and comfortable linens and pillows. Baskets can be used for storage to get rid of clutter and a rug can add texture and color to your floor.

“Always spend more on the things that separate you from the ground.”

An example of this is your bed. The amount of comfort lying down and sleeping in a great bed can bring a whole lot of difference in your life.

Visualize how you would want your living space to appear. From there you can get the inspiration on how to create a design flow within your living space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, textures, furniture, and different decors. We wish you luck in finding the right interior style that works for you in your new apartment!

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