The porch is as much a part of your home as what is inside, and while decorating the home usually focuses indoors, the outdoors shouldn’t be left out. Decorating the porch to be inviting and warm says a lot about your home in general. There are many simple, yet appealing outdoor wall art ideas that can make your porch beautiful, and here are some of the best ideas to get you started.


Combining charm and visual appeal, wall planters and boxes lined in your porch is easy-to-do décor. You can make your own planters from scrap wood. Put in a few flowering plants and hang them on the wall of your porch.




Wood wall decors are timeless. Not only does it fit with any style theme, but it is relatively affordable and can be easily personalized. For example, a ‘Welcome’ sign in your home need not be the usual and boring wood sign. Rather, you can have it personalized so it’s either in a vertical position strategically placed on your porch.



If you’re fond of plants, creating a succulent wall frame to be hung on your porch’s wall is perfect. Make sure to grow out those succulents first before repotting it on the frame, so they will flourish and become a beautiful addition to your porch wall. Succulents come in various shapes, sizes, and varieties, and these alone showcase a dynamic way of styling.



The porch should be a place where you can come together with family and friends when the weather is warmer. Lining up a few outdoor-inspired wall posters can create a charming centerpiece for the porch. Wall posters that feature the outdoors, flowers, and other related stuff can be placed in vintage wood frames to create a rustic feel. For example, this Prettier than Pink canvas wall art cast a vibrant spell on your front porch.




With the resurgence of calligraphy, script lettering wall decors have become a décor staple too. There’s nothing more welcoming than these elegant wall art on your porch. From simple initials to full words and even quotes, script letterings are classy and pleasant to look at.



As an alternative to flat paintings, metal artwork provides an edgier yet equally beautiful appeal to your porch. Metal wall art is perfect for rustic or industrial theme styling. Metal wall art comes in a variety of forms – sculptures, geometric pieces, textured metal art, layered metal, and more. It comes in all shapes and sizes according to your preference too.



Reclaimed wood hangings has been increasingly featured in homes, and what better way to put it up for décor than in the porch. This outdoor wall art idea lets you reconnect with nature no matter your theme. Reclaimed wood hanging is the perfect focal point in the porch, simple yet one that makes a statement.



The best outdoor wall art idea for your porch, the marquee wall light is dual purpose. During the day, it is simply a decorative piece that adorns the wall but come night time when everybody is gathered, a marquee wall light serves as both décor and illumination. You can have your marquee wall light customized too.


With all these recommended best outdoor wall art ideas for your porch enumerated above, there’s no reason why you can’t create a beautiful place where you, your family, and your friends can relax at the end of a long day!

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