While different parts of the home get plenty of attention when decorating, the staircase is often overlooked. For one, it’s treated more as a passage that gets you to one floor to the next, and two, staircases sometimes are narrow and have a distinct angle than normal walls. Have you neglected the scenic potential of your staircase at home too?

If you did, fret not! There are creative ways to decorate the staircase. The takeaway is start with the easiest area to decorate: the walls! There are tons of innovative wall art ideas for the stairway in your home.

Below are some of the best stairway decorating ideas guaranteed to make it as visually appealing as any part of your home.


With the wide selection of interior design themes, you will not run out of decorating ideas for stairs and landing in your home. Whether it’s shabby chic, industrial, retro vintage, minimalist, contemporary or a combination of two or more design concepts, there is a design suited for your staircase.


One of the guaranteed foolproof staircase ideas is the classic black and white. It does not take a bonafide interior designer to achieve this look. From simple stairway wall art pieces to decors and accents, you can give your staircase that classy elegant makeover.




If you’re wondering how to decorate stairs and landings that are narrow, it can be done! Create an art gallery on the stairway risers. Pick out small art pieces, preferably framed, and hang them on the risers and viola! you have a delightful stairway.


Do you love to bring home souvenirs and little knickknacks every time you travel? Put these to good use as part of your decorating ideas for the stairs. A sombrero hat, dolls and figurines, indigenous art, and native market bags, can be pinned on the wall or placed strategically on the landing.


Wall art posters are the problem solver to any woe in staircase wall décor ideas. With tons of variety made available, the possibilities are endless. You can go for a large bold wall poster or a paneled artwork. The design concept can be entirely unique or in keeping with the theme of your interior. If you’re an animal lover, this adorable Happy Cattle Family canvas wall art is a good choice or this Family Comes First wall art is a nice addition for a homey vibe.


By far the simplest and most cost-effective way to staircase wall design ideas is the use of patterned wallpaper. Your stairway wall is a blank canvas. Pick the right wallpaper accent, pattern, and color to get that look you’ve always dreamed of.


Green thumbs rejoice! A mini garden right in your staircase can double as a décor too. Cactus and succulents are the common plant of choice, but there are other indoor plants that make for a great mini garden in the staircase. Put it on the steps, on the landing,


Be more creative with your staircase wall decorating ideas. Light it up with sconces. There is a scone for every design concept. Pick a few pieces to visualize the concept you have in mind. For a more dramatic effect, you can line it up or mix and match different sconces.


Mirrors are a popular trend in interior design as their versatility and advantages create distinct visual aesthetics regardless of the design concept. Mirrors as décor in the staircase are just as visually appealing. To boot, it brings in much-needed light in a narrow and enclosed stairway. Make a mirror gallery in different frames to make more impact.




What could be more aesthetics than portraits? Whether it is your own, your family’s or you’re working on themed portraits, it is always a thing of beauty. Create a gallery of portraits or line up different portrait posters for a more attractive staircase.

Whether you want to go big or carry out a few changes, there are plenty of decorating ideas for stairs available. So it’s time to step up your stairway decorating ideas and create a major impact in your home’s overall interior straight akin to a lifestyle magazine cover!

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