Find inspiration for your home! See what others have done with our amazing art!

Looking for inspiration for your next wall décor project? Can’t decide where to hang the new wall poster you have? Or still finding other innovative ways on how to hang your wall art?

Worry no more because here are some design inspirations to get you started!

Artfrill has compiled a number of wall art inspirations to help with your decorating needs. All of these compiled pieces inspire you to be creative and learn to have fun when decorating wall art.

The key to hanging wall art is its placement. Whether it’s a large canvas poster or a leaning artwork on the wall or even a panel of text wall arts, proper placement is paramount to achieving a well put interior décor. If you browse through our décor inspirations, you’ll notice that we put great emphasis on the wall. This means, choose artwork that goes well with the wall of your home. Big walls also need large wall posters. Stair landings on the other hand go well with regular-sized posters.

A tip: In the living room or the family room, the fireplace is the crucial point. Utilize the area above the mantle to create a visually appealing story that will turn heads yet still show your personality. In the bedroom, take note of the space above the headboard. Use it to create a stunning aesthetics in the bedroom using the inspirational designs we have included in this section.

Go through the many wall poster décor inspirations we have curated in this section. Take some few pointers in each illustration, and get started and have fun with decorating your home!

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