You may be in the process of redecorating a room or office space and stuck between these two classic art forms: canvas prints and posters. Both serve the same purpose but undergo different creative processes. Both types of artwork definitely add a visual impact in a living space.

Choosing the right wall art still boils down to your preferences, your budget, the kind of environment and the location where your art will be displayed. To help you decide which one is best, this article is written to help you decide which medium fits your space.


Posters have been around since the 1800s and are still one of the main foundations of art prints up to today. Printing on paper is simply the traditional way of displaying photos and fine art. These kinds of artwork may present various styles of photography, typography, colors and shapes. As the technology advanced through time, the techniques and equipment used in reproduction improved. Posters were originally used for public announcements and advertising but were eventually used in decorating. It has become an easy choice for homes and business establishments.

Canvas prints, on the other hand, are images printed onto canvas using an inkjet printer. Canvas fabric was first used by artists for their acrylic paintings and was originally made of hemp. As the industry evolved, hemp was replaced with cotton and polyester, making it more accessible to consumers. These materials are also great in absorbing colors, producing that premium appeal.

Improved inks are now available to create superior looking canvases. Compared to posters, canvas prints mostly come with stretcher frames, which makes them easy to hang.


The main difference of these two are simply the materials from which they are created. The second is how they look and feel in an interior. Posters are presented as a two-dimensional art that can be hanged with the use of frames. It is a traditional look that is well known and appreciated by many. On the contrary, most canvas prints are wrapped in a wooden frame and have a three-dimensional view that looks phenomenal in any interior.

When displayed, the light that touches a framed print causes glare, which may disrupt you from fully appreciating the art itself. On the other hand, canvas prints come in a matte finish and gives a viewing experience that you can enjoy at any angle.

Of course there are high quality fine art prints available, and some posters provide exquisite details and vibrant colors too. An image printed onto canvas, however, is more saturated and gives depth to the artwork’s appearance. It also provides a painted effect.

For paper prints, the frames are part of the aesthetic and has to match the interior of the room. Canvas prints however are stretched and wrapped on wooden stretcher bars. This frameless effect makes it easier for the art to blend into any design theme. A canvas print also weighs relatively less than a framed print. The bigger the latter gets, the heavier and more expensive it becomes.


Paper prints, if not taken cared of properly are subject to easy wear and tear. It is advisable to frame posters protect it from the elements that can cause damage. With the appropriate framing material, displaying paper prints in the right places and right storage can last for a long time.

Canvas prints, on the other hand, are made with durability in mind and are much more resistant to elements. From the fabric itself to the quality or the art, the colors to the frame, all are made to withstand the test of time and is meant to be enjoyed for years. Regardless if this is the case, proper care must also be given.


Both art forms can bring dramatic changes in your living spaces. In your search for the right art, there is no really right or wrong answer. An awareness of your current needs in decor would be beneficial in finding out what needs to be displayed in your homes.

Do you need a premium looking artwork? Are you looking for something that is more of an investment that can last for years? Then a canvas print is the way to go. However, if you need a simple and convenient fix to spruce up a wall then a poster can work wonders, too!

The good news is Artfrill presents an exquisite collection of museum-like quality canvas prints carefully curated to bring out the artistic element in your home.

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