The Top Contemporary Modern Wall Décor

Contemporary modern wall décor is one of the most popular ways to decorate homes, apartments, and offices. What is the defining concept of the contemporary modern style? At its central point, contemporary denotes “of that period”, which basically means current or of the moment.

When it comes to contemporary modern wall decorating, the same principles of the entire theme apply. This means décors are characterized by simplicity, elegance, and a fresh look. Colours usually range in the neutrals, and if bold shades are used, it should only be done as accents. Lines are also very evident in contemporary décors. Wall arts in contemporary modern themes should center on a focal point with a clean look.

Whether you’re undergoing a renovation project or designing from scratch, here are the top contemporary modern wall décor you can get inspiration from:


A wall panel accent made of natural wood is perfect for a contemporary modern theme. Wood wall panels should be used sparingly though to maintain a fresh and clean look to the room. It should be used as an accent, enough to give character in any room setting. Wood panels come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so make sure to accurately select which one goes best with the contemporary modern theme.




Decorative wall mirrors with a bold hue for a frame are great in keeping with a contemporary modern theme. Alternatively, a subtle natural wood framing or one with a metal finish is also a great option. A large decorative mirror is ideal for this theme, enough that it reflects natural lighting in an entire room, which is a distinct element in a contemporary modern theme.



Today, wall posters are easily accessible. It is an ideal wall décor that has endless possibilities when it comes to decorating with a contemporary modern theme in mind. Modern wall art pieces that are large and come in frames of black framing, metal, or natural wood are the defining style of this theme. This Levitating Lights wall art would give a nice touch to your walls. Alternatively, this eclectic Painted Lips canvas art is an eye-catching centerpiece without overpowering the entire room’s décor.





Metal is an essential significant concept of the contemporary modern style. Rather than just using it as an accent or as framing in wall arts, take it a step further and use it as the actual art piece. Today, metal wall art can come in the form of 3D sculptures, calligraphy letters and signs, geometric shapes, and even forms that can complement any theme.

When putting up wall decors with a contemporary modern theme in mind, stick to this rule: less is more! Do not overwhelm walls with decors. Instead, pick pieces that stand out on their own, making it a centerpiece whether it’s a decorative mirror, a modern wall art, or metal wall ornament. Focus on lines and geometric shapes. Make sure that it does not overlap with the room’s entire styling too.

The contemporary modern style is timeless yet elegant. With a little creativity and a few design inspirations, it’s time to get started on your next decorating project!



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