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You may just be starting out your artwork collection right now, slowly increasing the number of pieces that you own. And while collecting artwork is fun and displaying it in your home is satisfying, learning how to store canvas prints properly is just as important.

You may feel the need to update your displayed artwork in accordance to certain seasons, but what do you do with art pieces that you want to put away for some time? Surely you can just take it off your walls, wrap it up with whatever paper material you can find and stack it mindlessly in a corner. Sounds easy, right? But there is a proper way of storing your artworks to ensure the longevity of your canvases.

An artwork is definitely an investment that needs proper care. If you have stumbled upon this article, you’re in luck because here are some useful tips on how to store canvas prints or other artworks properly.


If an art piece is important to you, it is not only because of the money you spent on it. Along with some artworks come emotional attachment. Some canvas prints contain memories of a favorite place, the beautiful smile of a love one forever immortalized in print, or a photo of a beloved pet. Artwork can also count as heirloom, which can be passed on to family and friends.


Prepare for storage and look for a cool dry place

If you have already determined which pieces of art you would like to put away for some time, it is a good practice to clean it first. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the dust and dirt. Carefully clean the surface of the print as well as the frames.

The best place to keep your art prints is the wall where you hang it, the second best is a place where it has the same conditions as your living space. Look for a place that has consistent temperature and humidity. One of the most important factors to consider in storing canvas prints is climate. Fluctuating temperature and humidity can highly affect the quality of a canvas and may cause the materials to loosen or tighten.

Keep your canvas prints away from damp places like the attic or the basement as this environment’s humidity level can make it susceptible to mold and mildew growth. At times, the damages they bring can be beyond repair.

Placing artwork in a climate-controlled storage unit is a great idea but if that is not an option, look for a place in your home that will protect your art from these conditions.

Store canvas prints and paintings vertically

Always place artwork in an upright position and do not stack it on top of each other. It is advisable to place the canvas prints back to back or face to face. Never let the stretcher bars come in contact directly with the print because there is a tendency for it to be imprinted on the canvas’ surface. For face-to-face placements, make sure to put an archival or acid-free paper in between the surfaces to protect the prints or paintings. Ensure that the paper covers up the entire artwork.

A storage rack is also one of the best ways to store canvas prints. You can DIY these things or you can easily look for one that fits your needs and buy them online.

Cover them with cloth

Use a clean dry sheet to cover an entire piece of artwork. Doing so will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on it as well as other external elements that can damage the art, like sunlight. Along with this, be mindful of the area of your storage space. If you are in a flood prone area, store the canvas prints in a high place.

Avoid putting the canvas directly onto concrete floor

Placing canvas prints on concrete floor is a big no-no. When you lay prints flat on the floor you expose it to risks that can cause damage, like spills or random things that might fall on it. If the space has high human traffic, you can also damage it due to being careless. More importantly, canvas may absorb the dampness from the concrete. However, if it is unavoidable, make sure to put an acid-free board that can separate the art from the floor and position them upright.

Avoid direct sunlight and heat

Canvases and other artwork are durable enough to withstand some common harmful elements and one of them is light. Even in displaying art, it is always advised to hang it in an area where it is not under direct sunlight. So when storing canvas prints, avoid places that expose it to direct light as it can cause fading and discoloration over time.

Be aware of how long you are storing art

Once you have done all the things on how to store canvas prints properly, it is easy to just forget about it, right? After all, you have already done your job. But no, it doesn’t stop here. You must also be aware of how long you are keeping certain art pieces in storage. If you are going to keep it stored for a long time, make sure to check on it periodically, and air it out to avoid moisture problems. It also gives you the chance to check the storage area for insects, rodents, dust and some other elements that may come in contact with the art.

Give your artwork the care it needs! Whether you are have a small or large collection, this guide on how to store canvas prints appropriately should give you valuable insights in providing the right conditions for an art’s storage. Doing so will allow you to appreciate its visual appeal even after a long time!



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