what is canvas wall art

What is a Canvas Print?

What is canvas wall art and why should you consider having one in your home, office or business establishment? This article will help you make informed decisions when it comes to decorating a certain space.

A canvas print is the product of a high quality image printed with an inkjet printer. With the help of advanced printing technology and superior inks, the photo printed onto canvas is produced with vibrant colours without losing the important details. The fabric is aligned to stretcher bars, then stretched with care and precision before being stapled to the frames.

These art prints are lightweight, easy to mount, durable and comes in different sizes to choose from. Canvas prints have museum quality characteristics that will make you enjoy fine art at its best.

Canvas prints are not the same as canvas paintings though, as the latter is a painting that is done straight to canvas with the use of either acrylic or oil paints.


hardwood forest canvas printNature Canvas Print

What is canvas made out of?

The use of canvas goes way back to the 16th century where artists use this material for their creative pursuits. It was originally made from hemp. It has a strong and heavy duty quality that make canvas paintings last for decades and still look great. This is why the use of canvas is still a popular choice for arts and photographs up to this day.

Nowadays, canvas prints are made of cotton or polyester. This gives the print its distinct characteristics. The cotton fibers absorb the ink deep into the fabric, and the polyester retains the colour into the surface, which result to a more vivid representation of an image. Changing the material also made it more accessible and affordable to the public.


black and white elephant canvas print above console table

Black and White Elephant Canvas

What makes canvas print stand out?

Choosing the type of wall art you want for a space will still highly depend on personal preferences as you might have some factors to consider like budget, the size of the space or the location. But just to solidify why canvas prints are a great option, here are a number of fantastic reasons:

It is versatile

Canvas prints make for a very versatile décor piece. As canvases are carefully wrapped and presented with borderless frames, it makes it easier for it to blend well into any wall space – a characteristic that makes it adaptable to any kind of interior. The frameless look also has a way of making you feel like you’re staring right into the scene.

No glares

Lighting is an important element of an interior. There are times that this lighting, whether natural or artificial, causes glare, and gets in the way of fully appreciating wall arts especially if the prints are framed behind glass. Canvas prints have a satin matte quality where the surface of the fabric prevents reflections; thus, you can enjoy a full unobstructed view of the art at any angle like you’re supposed to.

Image quality

A canvas print is one of the trendy ways to spruce up a room. Photos of nature, people, landscape, pets or any other subject printed onto canvas will always look classy and unique. It creates a  paint-like quality of the image, making it more interesting. A high quality canvas print will definitely look good and create an amazing focal point in any interior.

Canvas prints weigh less

Thinking of covering a part of your wall with a big artwork? Choosing canvas prints is a great idea because it weighs lesser than a framed photo print. A large canvas print is much easier to hang and to move around if you feel like you need to do some reorganizing.

Many images to choose from

Decorating with canvas print is one of the easier ways to add personality to your living space. Canvas prints are one of the best wall décor that you can incorporate into your home because there are so many prints to choose from. It’s guaranteed that you will find something you love! Whether you are a nature lover, animal lover, or portrait enthusiast, Artfrill has the widest selection of art prints. Artfrill makes it easier for you to search for a print that can bring joy into your surroundings and something that can last for a very long time. Every Artfrill canvas wall art is printed on textured and fade-resistant, poly-cotton base fabric to give that premium look and feel.

It is durable

Everybody wants something that gives good value for money. With its crisp colours and durable materials, canvas prints have an archival quality that lasts 100 years. This is the kind of décor that can act as a family heirloom. It can be appreciated for many, many years and the richness and texture of the artwork are retained throughout time.

Looking for the perfect size to put in a room?

You may ask, “What size of canvas prints should I get?”. The perfect size is subjective. It will depend on the amount of space you are working on. There are small-sized canvases that do a great job in making an impression, and there are also large-sized prints that create a dramatic impact in a room.

Why do you put up wall arts in your home? For one, you want to see something in your home that makes you feel good. Something nice that you can appreciate on a regular basis rather than a great image just stored in our phone somewhere or saved as a desktop background. Considering all these factors, it is still up to you to decide which canvas wall art works best for your space. The main reason should be something that brings happiness to you and your family!