We all know the saying: “There is no place like home.” And that quote is true enough for all of us. A unique place where we can be ourselves without judgment. A place where you feel safe and secured especially surrounded by the people you call family. A special little area in this world where you are free to create ideas and express your soul.

Reveal the artist in you through the four corners of your home. There are a lot of easy ways to bump up your home interior and make it more comfortable and attractive. We have compiled some unique wall art ideas for a captivating living space.



Adorn wall with plants

Bring the beauty of your outdoor garden inside. There are many ways to create our own plant wall decor. You may set up some floating shelves and make it a sanctuary for your indoor plants and succulents. As a plant parent, make your plant babies happy by choosing a wall where it can get plenty of sunlight. It brings a fresh atmosphere in the room, cleans up the air, and gives us a lot of health benefits.

Movie posters

Love movies? Well, you can decorate your bedroom with a poster of your favorite film. There are so many Iconic movies to choose from and they can range from a classic motion flick to the most recent ones that are showing on the big screen.

Band posters

If you are a musician or a music lover, show off your musical inspirations and influences through band posters. Imagine having friends over and they see one of the amazing posters of your favorite band. These are great conversation starters. They also give a great sense of character to the wall and the whole room in general.

Your kid’s artwork

Displaying your kid’s work is a great way of showing your support. Aside from sticking them on a refrigerator with a magnet, you can get all sorts of creative and turn it into unique modern wall art. Put them in a prominent space of their bedroom to ignite more of their artistic side and boost their self-confidence.

Wall art mural

If you want to make a more solid statement and add drama to a room, another cool wall art idea is to paint a mural to a large blank wall or have someone do it professionally for you. This wall adorned with a mural of clean straight lines shaped as mountains with muted grey hues is a visually pleasing work of art that creates such a homey environment.

Extra storage space

Another amazing solution to maximize that extra wall space is to utilize your wall for extra storage. Get your home super organized while showing your creativity at the same time.

Display your collectibles

Having your cool vintage collection on an amazing and unique wall art display will create awe to the people that will see it. It creates an interesting vibe to an empty hallway or a nook in your living room. This epic display of vintage radios and old records brings in a wonderful rush of nostalgia to its audience.

Beautiful wall art prints

If you love minimalism, there are a ton of unique wall art prints that exhibits modern artistry and elegance. Say, for example, this beautiful black and white piece that displays simplicity and flow is suitable for white or earthy colored walls.

The term wall art can actually vary in different forms. It can be a small subtle piece to highlight a part of your home or a large canvas to create a bold statement. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas, mix and match colors, and be open-minded enough to experiment in the wonderful world of interior design. Check out our diverse collection of unique posters and choose which fits perfectly to your taste.

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