What is Typography?

One hot trend in modern interior design that never goes out of style is the use of type in design. Typography as Wikipedia defines it “is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed.” It is everywhere. From this blog that you are reading right now, the updates you post, the ads you see on social media, the signages on the street, nutrition labels, brand logos, wall art, etc. It is a huge part of everyday life. From ancient times until this digital age, it constantly evolves and continues to be an important way to communicate. This article will give you several art print ideas to brighten up your living space with typography wall art.


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Typographical wall art ideas for positivity

The first few things that you see or read when you wake up can affect your whole day. It would be a wonderful idea to have something that motivates you. Cool wall art that has positive words that could push you through your goals is definitely a great choice.

Art prints to help you stay grounded

Some images or words could not mean anything to another person but can have a whole new impact on you. Wall art prints that speak to your heart, motivate you, and remind you about the important things in life are amazing pieces that should be placed where you can easily see it.

Let them motivate you

Looking for motivation? This modern wall art idea has the right words to tell about reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams. As Bob Ross said: “We’re only limited by our imagination.”

Give your living space a personality

Give your space a touch of minimalist typography wall art. This black and white contemporary poster with its smart use of negative space will give that empty wall of your home a modern approach. 

Make the colors pop

Dare to stand out! Show your fun side with modern art prints with bold and contrasting colors. Make a statement and make heads turn. 

Typography is everywhere

Typography is an art, and it is everywhere. Having it in wall art is a great way of expressing your creativity. Not only that but if your walls could talk they would be the ones telling you to keep on thriving and to just keep pushing forward. Thanks to typography, they actually do. Check out these cool typography poster art collection!

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