Next to the bedroom, the bathroom is the one other room in your home where you can relax and spend some quality “me” time. In the morning, it’s where you plan your day’s activities, and in the evening, it’s where you can soak up to a hot bath and look back on the day’s flurry of activities. However you like your bathroom, there are simple and eclectic ways to style it up. One thing’s for sure, never miss out on decorating the walls.

Designing your bathroom walls do not need to be expensive, sometimes, it only takes a great wall art to do the trick. To create the flawless balance of picture perfect and relaxing haven, here are some bathroom wall décor ideas on a budget to funnel your creativity:

  • Decorative vanity mirrors – make bathroom walls more interesting and functional by installing mirrors along the walls. But go beyond the usual square and rectangular mirrors, and go for decorative or vanity ones. A mirror can do a lot for your bathroom in general. Given the right mirror, your space will look bigger, it can instantly brighten up a bathroom, or hide a flaw in the wall. Best of all, it can add to your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.


  • Wall sconces – the right lighting is important in the bathroom, but how about going the extra mile, and putting up wall sconces that provide a visual highlight too. Wall sconces come in many shapes and sizes, with varieties that fit any theme. DIY wall sconces are in these days too, equally aesthetic and easy on the budget too. The most common are mason jars turned into sconces. And instead of the usual lighting used, candles and fairy lights are used for that rustic bathroom affair.


  • Wall stickers and decals – another great bathroom wall décor idea that will surely suit anyone’s budget are wall decals and stickers. This wall art is an amazing and easy way to decorate bathroom walls without boring holes into it. Variations that range from plants, lines, animals, flowers, quotes, and whatever catches your fancy are available. This affordable wall décor is ideal for those who are renting, but still want a personalized feel to their bathroom.


  • Decorative shelves – when it comes to wall decorating in general, nothing is as versatile and practical as decorative shelves. And these can be used in a number of ways as part of a bathroom wall décor. Choosing the type of decorative shelves is essential. Whether you’re all about coordinating it with the bathroom’s theme or a DIY project, decorative shelves are a good way to organize bathroom utilities too. You can basically put anything you want in it – soaps, shampoos, towels, perfumes, scented candles, plants, and even ornamental boxed signs.



  • Themed wall plaques and arts – Themed wall posters and plaques help create the mood in your bathroom. With thousands of wall posters and plaques in the market today, there’s bound to be a wall art that meets your taste. This bathroom wall décor idea comes within your budget too. Whether it’s funny bathroom wall posters or more of a motivational artwork like this you are beautiful poster or this extremely calming morning mist poster, there’s a lot of possibilities.




  • Wall cubes – just like the decorative shelves, wall cubes spruce up your bathroom wall while being functional too. Wooden wall cubes are the most commonly used today, and there are many ways you can treat it to fit your theme. Natural wood complements a rustic bathroom theme, while contemporary and minimalist themes can do with white or black wall cubes.

The bathroom is where you start and end a day. Make sure that you’ve got the perfect sanctuary of relaxation and style with the help of these practical bathroom wall décor ideas!