So, you have a balcony but haven’t really made a decision to decorate it. Thinking it might be a tad small? If you have an ample space that you can actually walk around with, then that place has a lot of potentials. Think about beautiful sunny days where you can just lounge in that small cozy space, sipping a cold iced tea while reading a good book. Lovely nights with an alfresco dining experience or maybe just having some wine and just loosening up after a tiresome day.

Whether you have a view of a city street or the awe-inspiring nature, a comfortably designed balcony will always be an exciting place to hang around and chill. Let this article give you some ideas and inspirations on how to reinvent that oftentimes unused space.



Set up a table

A small table would be perfect for your morning coffee or your afternoon tea. A wooden table can be a good choice to achieve a modern and rustic look. You may opt for a folding table for a small balcony because of its mobility. You can just fold it up if you have some cleaning to do or if you want to just simply put it in a different area.

Spice it up with a herb garden

Try putting a simple herb garden. You may not have discovered it yet but you may have a knack for growing plants and a herb garden would be the best to start it with. You may use small pots or a simple plant box that you can conveniently put in a corner or at a side of your balcony area.

Plants and flowers

Adorn your small balcony space with flowers and plants. They create such a colourful and delightful ambience and are also good for our well being. Plants give your surroundings a fresh and positive atmosphere that never fails to put us in a great mood.

Make use of your wall’s empty space

This is a great opportunity to decorate your balcony with some amazing wall art. Empty wall space can get so much character with a simple touch of a compelling art print. This wall print of tropical trees with gorgeous sunset colors will surely stand out as a beautiful contrast to a busy city street. Artfrill has an array of high-quality wall posters that can match whatever style you are aiming for.


Pretty string lights

If you’re looking for fun and contemporary, decorate your balcony with string lights. Putting them around the railings can definitely give it a dreamy and romantic vibe in the evenings.

Colorful rugs

Rugs can bring a whole lot of personality to the overall appearance of your balcony area. Something with bright hues, patterns, or a monochromatic design shall bring a whole new energetic vibe to your space.

Balconies are often overlooked. With these simple guides, your creativity can do so much to give it an amazing makeover. Your artistry need not be confined inside the four corners of your home. Extend the warmth and homey vibes to your balcony and give that area a stunning transformation!

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