Sunlight is one of the greatest sources of energy and light. Without it, there would absolutely be no way for us to see and embrace the beauty of our surroundings. The same goes for enjoying our wall arts. Art is meant to be seen and appreciated and we would not be able to experience the joy and relish the artistry and without adequate lighting.




Good lighting is one of the most integral factors that we consider when we choose a home. For instance, a living room that receives the right amount of illumination creates an open and welcoming atmosphere.  It also allows us to see the intricate details of an interior that you have put so much effort into putting together.

Why sunlight damages the art?

Things like fabrics, photos, paintings, and prints have a high risk of discoloration or being damaged with long exposure to light and the potential harm that can be done is irreversible. Therefore it is essential that we do our part in protecting our valued arts from the harmful effects of light, most especially with ultraviolet light. Sunlight is one of the main sources of UV radiation and is not visible to our naked eye. It has a higher form of energy that can be potentially damaging to works of art that are receiving a relatively huge amount of it on a regular basis whether it’s direct or indirectly. This causes fading most especially with pieces like watercolor and photography.


What can be done to increase the lifespan of wall art?

Wall art, as well as everything else on this planet, is composed of substances that are bound to deteriorate through time. This much is true but there are things that we can do to make your pieces last longer. Here are some tips that we prepared for you so that you enjoy your wall art in a much longer period of time and keep them in pristine condition.

Strategic Placements

Take time to assess your living space. Placing your wall arts where they do not receive direct sunlight would be a smart way to preserve the beauty of your artworks. This also works the same for fluorescent lights as they also have a fair amount of UV rays that can affect the quality of the wall art over time. 

Cover The Light Source

If moving your wall arts to a different position is out of the question, another solution could be hanging drapes or curtains on your windows. The shades provided by them block the light coming in through the windows thus decreasing the light exposure for your wall arts and protecting them from the damaging effects of the sun. Drawing up the curtains when the sun shines at its brightest can help safeguard your art. You can also make use of acrylic films that can be put on your windows to filter out the harmful UV rays that can potentially reach your art collection.

Use UV Blocking Filters For Your Wall Art Frames

There are just some pieces of photographs, prints, or art pieces that are too precious to us. We love seeing them but we just can’t take the risk of damage. A solution for that is to use specially designed UV acrylic plexiglass for your frames to use instead of the regular glass that only protects your art from dust or scratches. They can block 98% of radiation and can reduce the deterioration of your wall arts.

Light gives us a clearer view of the intricate details and artistry in a specific masterpiece. To properly enjoy our art pieces, purchasing them and putting them in a place where we can take pleasure in its beauty isn’t enough. It requires maintenance. Protect them from the damaging effects of light. With proper care, wall arts, photographs, prints, and all our other things would have a longer lifespan of being in a pristine condition.