There are hundreds of awesome ways to decorate the wall spaces of your home with posters. From the hallway to the family room, living room, bedroom, and even through the bathroom, it only takes creativity. Posters are not only versatile and easy to customize, but it costs a lot less than other wall decorations.

Whether you’re a stickler for design themes or you love mixes and matches of unique artworks, here are some cool poster decorations ideas that will fit your home and most of all, your budget:

Prop your poster in the living room

Spruce up your living room with posters that wow! But instead of hanging these posters like the usual, go all out by propping it up on floor spaces. Leaning art creates a casual vibe in your living room. Plus, it makes it easier to rearrange decors when you feel like redecorating. Frame art work in different sizes then cluster everything together. For example, this no place like home poster coupled with a mountain summit poster create a homey atmosphere you look forward to come home to.



Practice minimalism in the bedroom

A place of zen and peace, the bedroom’s focal point is the space above the headboard. This is where the poster usually goes. As you prepare for a day’s hustle or wind down to rest, the poster you hang on this space can influence your mood. For an easy-on-the-eye design, going for a minimalist poster is a cool idea. Be careful in choosing the right wall art poster though as the space above the bed can be quite tricky.

Canvas gallery wall on your hallway

Make the hallways of your home a trip of sorts by decorating with canvas gallery wall. Create a story with your gallery wall by finding inspiration on what to hang. For a more personal style, use personal photos, vacation shots, pictures of family and friends, and even your favorite quotes. This of how you’ll place and design the gallery wall. Choose how you’ll frame it and how each poster size is going to be.

Frame it! on the dining room

With the right frame, you can definitely make a statement art piece in the dining room. While the dining room is not as often used as the living room or the bedroom, a good wall décor is still needed to make meal times more enjoyable. A large wall poster with a dramatic frame that goes along with your design theme is a great starter! Often, it’s the poster’s frame that adds that much needed flair to the entire imagery.

Panel posters in the family room

Panel posters are a fun way to decorate the family room. A lot of panel posters are available that you can easily buy. But, if you want to customize your panel posters, you can do so. A number of stores can let you choose the poster you like and have it custom paneled. A great idea especially if you have kids who are into their favorite cartoon characters.

Framed rules for the bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, the walls shouldn’t be naked! While it may not be as visible as the other rooms, the bathroom walls need some sprucing up too. What could be a fun and funky way to make bathroom rules known for the entire household than to frame it and hang it on the wall! You’re not only teaching bathroom etiquette to the household, but you’ve also managed to decorate in a cool and awesome way!


Tip: Different rooms in your home can have different poster motifs too.  Wall art poster designs and styles come in hundreds of choices, you can have free reign on which art piece works well with a particular room’s theme or styling.


Decorating your home’s wall space brings a whole new vibe to your home. With these cool poster decorations ideas, it’s easier to get started. Find that spark of creative spirit in you and put some personality into your wall spaces!