There are various wall arts for different personalities, themes, and styles of decorating. You have the choice to be adventurous with your decor and mount something that will stand out. Artfrill offers a variety of colorful wall arts that can cater to your decorating needs. These include contemporary posters with popping and funky colors. Be inspired by our modern and vibrant collection!

The banana

Add a pop of color to your home or workspace with wall arts that present bright hues. Like this modernist and minimalist-inspired print of a yellow banana in a vivid pink background. Its simple yet interesting appeal as a piece of art will surely attract curiosity to anyone seeing it. 

Green lamp post

When your room lacks color, you can make up for it with the use of wall arts. You may go for something that matches a color palette in your room to create a cohesive effect, or you may go bold and artsy with unique wall arts to create an eye-catching centerpiece in your room.


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In this striking combination of hues, the neon green color of the lamp post showcases its take on modern artistry. This wall art is fresh and funky altogether.

A red store sign

Dark wall art with a touch of striking colors can add a hint of drama to an empty wall space. Like how this poster of a red store sign standing distinctly in this alley can capture curious onlookers. A casual and dark ambiance granting a mysterious feel to your living space.

Portrait of an elegant flamingo

Revel in the beauty of animal portraits. This graceful flamingo wall poster in its spectacular display of rich pink feathers is truly a delight to anybody’s sight. A beautiful masterpiece that can easily be the center of attention.

Psychedelic lips

A mixture of fun and contemporary art! We absolutely love how the lip’s bright colors contrast yet look great on a neon background. This very cool and modern print is for sure a show stopper in your room’s interior

Blue Vintage car

This cool poster of a car parked in front of colorful buildings will create such a bright and happy vibe to any wall space. The playful fusion of vivid colors is undoubtedly a delight to its viewers.

Create your own happy living space. No matter what kind of wall art you choose, first thing to consider is to find something that speaks to you. Something that would uplift your mood every time you see it. Not only that, but these colorful modern prints are also a fun way to add spunk to your walls. Head on to our collection of colorful wall arts and see for yourself the amazing posters that we have for you online.

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