First of all congratulations on your wall art purchase! This may be the first time or probably you are adding up to your collection. When you have decided to invest in wall arts or any type of art, do bear in mind that there is so much more to choosing the perfect piece that resonates with your space, purchasing, and having it on display. There is also a need for maintenance. Knowing how to properly take care of your wall art will make your collection last for years to come.




We have gathered some expert tips on how to properly maintain your precious wall art collection.

Avoid Exposure to Sunlight or Indirect Sunlight

Sunlight contains UV rays that can potentially damage your wall arts over time. Works of photography or watercolor have a higher risk of fading if exposed over long periods of time. We have talked further about how light affects the quality of wall art in this article.

Dust Regularly

We do not want our wall arts to be dirty and accumulate dust over time. It would be a nice practice to include your artwork in your cleaning routine. You may use a soft dry brush or makeup brushes to dust around the frames. As for cleaning the glass itself, it is advisable to use soft cloths or microfiber towels.

Using Glass Cleaners

It is also important to take into consideration the type of glass you are using with your frame. Check if it is a regular glass or plexiglass. Being mindful of the cleaning agents you use is paramount as ammonia-based cleaners could leave it cloudy looking.

Spray ammonia-free cleaner onto the cloth( NOT directly at the glass). Doing so may potentially damage the art inside the frame if the water drips down between the art and the glass and then wipe gently.

Be Mindful of How You Hang Your Art

It is also worth considering the weight of the wall art and the sturdiness of the wall where you decide to hang it from. Some frames can be hung on nails or screws, but larger ones, in particular, would be needing some extra strong fixings. You wouldn’t want your art falling down. You can always ask your local framer or handyman for assistance.

Consider the Location

Where we hang our wall art also determines the external elements that they will be exposed to. Different places in our homes have different types of activities being done and it would all affect your displayed artworks in the long run. Do not hang your art at places near direct heat like the stove, radiator, HVAC vent, humidifiers, or fireplaces. 

Check Them Regularly

It is also essential to check your framed arts for mold, if the hooks are still in good shape, if there is some discoloration or if the frame itself is still in good shape. Doing so may give you much awareness of your artwork’s condition. As prevention is better than fixing something that is already damaged.

Please do take note of these maintenance tips because they can help your wall arts last for a long time. For more of your wall art needs, head on to our gallery and check out our amazing and high-quality prints that can match your decorating needs!