The kitchen is the home’s food and drink haven. It is also the gathering place of the family where fun and laughter are exchanged, stories are told, and even conflicts are resolved. Beyond the furniture and fixture and cabinets, a kitchen’s design should be cozy and beautiful to look at.

When it comes to kitchen wall art and décor, pick out pieces that make a statement or have an impact. Whether it’s a decorative item or a pin board for your menu, there are tons of kitchen art ideas to add personality and style into your kitchen. Here are a few of those ideas: 

Plate and platter gallery

If you’ve been collecting china ware over the years, now is a good time to display your collection. There are two ways to go with this type of kitchen artwork – mix and match or identical. You can hang these china ware using plate hangers. This is one of the kitchen wall ideas that promote aesthetics and space saving too. After all, you’ve just saved some space in your cupboard by putting out your china on display.

Tasty wall art poster

Wall art never gets old or goes out of style. Aside from large kitchen wall art or kitchen art paintings, tasty wall art poster is a gorgeous addition. Tasty art involves anything related to food and the kitchen. This egg tower poster is an attention grabber with its bright colours that go well with a modern or contemporary kitchen theme. On the other hand, if you’re fond of minimalist art, this sieve wall art poster lends a classy visual appeal.



Cutting board art

The cutting board is a surefire wooden kitchen wall art that lends a certain charm in the room. Many ready-made decorative cutting boards are available, and some come with special signs and quotes. For a more personalized approach, use your old cutting boards, and put in some lettering or calligraphy art.

Menu board sign

Coming up with a menu for an entire week keeps the daily “what’s for dinner” questions at bay! Pick out a menu board big enough to accommodate a week’s worth of menu and tack your recipes. These menu boards come in many different designs that fit seamlessly with your kitchen theme so take your pick. For a more “restaurant-dining” effect, print menus in a fun font style or write it in calligraphy.

Mini herb garden

There are so many pluses to creating a mini herb garden in the kitchen. Aesthetics aside, homegrown herbs you can use for recipes make the food tastes even better. In addition, this kitchen wall art brings in a relaxing aroma to the entire room. Be ingenious in creating the mini herb garden, you can put it in mini pots and line it in one wall or put it on the countertops or by the sink.

Kitchen mural

An elegant kitchen wall décor that is easily doable is a kitchen mural. Whether it’s hand painted or stenciled, a wall art mural in the kitchen adds a touch of class in the entire room. For a cheaper alternative, a wallpaper with a pretty pattern will be just as beautiful.

Pans and pots collection

Give your kitchen a vintage vibe with a pans and pots collection on the wall. Turn your wall into a kitchen artwork by arranging the pans and pots in a neat row. You can use a wire mesh or a steel frame to hang the pots or alternatively, hangers work great as well.

Kitchen shadow boxes

Take kitchen wall art in 3D with the use of shadow boxes. This wooden kitchen wall art adds a layer of volume and texture into an otherwise boring kitchen wall or countertop. Put in spices or condiments into the shadow boxes. Place kitchen utensils or stuff you can see in the kitchen. Or better yet, put in some bright fruits and vegetables. The more creative you are, all the better!

While there are loads of kitchen art ideas you can take inspiration from, choose kitchen artwork that shows how you value your kitchen and reflects your personality. Doing so will create a bespoke kitchen design that you can truly call your domain!